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Swimming with Dolphins no longer needs to be a dream, with so many opportunities and the fabulous opening up of this market, peoples dreams really can come true. With more and more companies offering holidays to Dolphins favourite hang outs! This incredible experience seems out of this world yet with the help of Fleetway Travel you can be whisked off to these fabulous destinations quickly and cheaply. The main swimming with Dolphins experiences are located in many of the worlds favourite beach resorts. South Africa, Brazil, Florida and New Zealand are some of the most well known. Discovery Cove is Orlando is the most famous place for swimming with Dolphins. Mexico, Bahamas and many of the Caribbean Islands also offer swimming with dolphins. A beach holiday to Florida offers great experiences, the joys of Disneyworld, Busch Gardens and Universal Studios as well as the Mangrove tours and of course swimming with Dolphins make for an amazing holiday. The ultimate in relaxation comes from lazing on a beautiful Caribbean beach, only to be made better by an excitable swim with these beautiful creatures. Trips to the Arctic may not pop into head when you imagine Dolphins. Yet wild Dolphins can often be seen here! This break from the norm is proven more and more popular all the time. The wildlife of the Arctic is brilliant as well as the outstanding landscapes and adventures to be had.

Swimming with Dolphins has also become a popular past time in the Azores Islands destinations. The Red Sea resorts are also a great place to visit the famous Bottlenose Dolphins. These close to home destinations are great value for money, set in beautiful locations, absolutely steeped in history, beauty and entertainments. For those that don´t want to venture too far their are Dolphinariums in Scotland too!

If you´re on an adventure holiday or just a beach holiday, the opportunity to swim with dolphins should not be turned down. If you don´t want to swim with the sparkling mammals however taking boat trips out to see wild Dolphins is a beautiful experience. This is a favourite excursion in Scotland, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean resorts and Australia and New Zealand. Swimming with Dolphins is a great experience that can even be enjoyed all year round, thanks to the geographical locations of the Caribbean and Red Sea resorts.

Fast becoming one of the must do things of a beach holiday. Definitely one to tick off your list. It not only has comforting values but is an educational experience as well! Dolphins are thought to be one of the most intelligent mammals on Earth, sharing similar emotions to humans its obvious why they make for great friends. The Dolphins in captivity that are regularly swum with are very friendly, joyful creatures. For all the best photo opportunities make sure you spend time in the water and play with them. Swimming on the back of a Dolphin is one of the world´s top experiences!