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Did you know that Canada is an old Native American word, meaning ‘village’? Despite the enormous size of the country, there is very much a feeling of visiting one big community for those who holiday here. Consistently ranking among the happiest citizens in the world, Canadians are always welcoming and sociable, regardless of whether you bump into a local Vancouverite, Torontonian or a French-speaking Quebecois. In some of the bigger cities, pair the friendliness of the locals with an infinite range of sights, sounds, and tastes to experience.
   Toronto sits on the banks of Lake Ontario and is a city that has a distinctive bohemian charm to it. The city offers lots of different and quirky things to do. Climb to the top (or take the lift), of the 1,815ft tall CN Tower and gaze at the stunning views of the city. Try the EdgeWalk, where you can test how well you handle heights by being suspended almost vertically from the side of the tower’s viewing platform. For more leisurely times, go shopping in Kensington Market in the city centre, or learn how to throw an axe like a true lumberjack at the BATL Grounds. During the summer, catch live classical music being played in the gardens of the gorgeous castle Casa Loma.
   A short drive south from Toronto will take you to the Niagara Falls. With an average of over 4 million cubic feet of water flowing over the fall every minute from three different waterfalls, this is an awe-inspiring sight to behold. Go on boat cruises that will take you up close to the falls, and admire this natural wonder.
   At the other end of this vast country, you’ll find Vancouver, another city with lots of spark and life. Here, trek through the gigantic Stanley Park to get the perfect view of the stunning skyline. Shop in the trendy area of South Main, visit the peaceful Dr Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden and then find a good restaurant near the harbour, where you can tuck into freshly caught seafood, while watching the sun set over the mountains.

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