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Niagara Falls

The Canadian city of Niagara Falls is mirrored across the border by a city that carries the same name. Both places offer viewing platforms of the three separate waterfalls known as Horseshoe, American and Bridal Veil that together form the natural wonder. Get a panoramic view from the heights of the Skylon Tower on the Canadian side, while from the American side, you can board tour boats that will take you up close to the cascades and mists that are produced by the millions of litres of water that flow over the top every minute. A visit to the Journey Behind the Falls-tour should also be on your list of things to do here. Taking a lift 45 metres below ground, you will find yourself behind the thunderous waters of the Horseshoe Falls. Feel the mist and experience the natural wonder from a unique perspective. Alternatively, you can also experience the Bridal Veil Falls up close from the platforms that have been erected in what used to be known as the Cave of the Winds.
   Having been a popular tourist destination literally ever since it was possible to visit it, the site has seen significant developments happen around it. This means that you can choose between several activities to have a go at, after picking up your jaw from seeing the actual waterfalls. Along the banks of the Canadian side, you can while away the evenings in one of the two stylish casinos, or spend your days exploring the less famous places. Experience the wonder of 2,000 colour tropical butterflies in the aptly named Butterfly Conservatory, see rare whales and other interesting sea creatures at Marineland, or create your own aquatic fun at the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark. Golf enthusiasts can head to the American side for a round or two at the Hyde Park Golf Course, while wine lovers should head slightly south of the city for a taster session at some of the local wineries.
   Holidaying in Niagara Falls of course also means that you are near larger urban centres, such as Toronto, Buffalo and even New York City if you’re really fancying a trip further beyond the falls. Regardless of what you choose to do while staying here, you’re in for a truly memorable trip with sights unlike anything else.

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