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Toronto is Canada’s biggest city, and partly because of its size and its modern skyline, and partly because of its rich immigrant history, it is often nicknamed the ‘Canadian New York’. Overlooking Lake Ontario, the city’s main attraction is undoubtedly the 1,815ft tall CN Tower. Take the lift to the very top (unless you fancy the 1776 steps), and gaze across the city from the tower’s own restaurant. For those without a fear of heights and with a taste for adventure, try the EdgeWalk, where you’ll be suspended almost vertically from the viewing platform.
   Back safely on the ground again, explore some of the less soaring sights. Right next to the tower, you’ll find lots of different places to explore. Walk under shark-filled waters at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, stroll through the Roundhouse Park and then head to the Harbourfront, where you’ll find plenty of fancy restaurants, cafés, shops and art galleries, such as the Power Plant and the Music Garden. Go shopping in Kensington Market in the city centre, or learn how to throw an axe like a true lumberjack at the BATL Grounds. During the summer, catch live classical music being played in the gardens of the gorgeous castle Casa Loma. From Queens Quay you can cross the water to the Centre Island, where you’ll find the Centreville Theme Park, which has over 30 different attractions and rides, as well as farmyard animals, to keep the entire family happy. If, however, you’re seeking more adrenaline-fueled entertainment, then you may want to head further afield from Toronto’s centre. Canada’s Wonderland in the northern parts of the city has numerous rollercoasters and waterslides to have plenty of goes on. For a water feature that will make your jaw drop, head south of Toronto to the Niagara Falls – one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world. Boat cruises will take you up close to one of the three waterfalls from which millions of litres of water flow over every minute. One thing is for sure, Toronto is a city with a plethora of experiences, inviting you to pick your own favourites and dive straight into them.

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