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One of Europe’s northernmost borders, Lapland is a vast arctic wonderland, where fairy-tales are interwoven with wild natural beauty and lit by the emerald celestial wonder of the Northern Lights. A tale of two seasons, the sun never sets over Lapland during the summer months, while winter transforms the landscape into a snow-coated Christmas-haven where you might even catch a glimpse of Santa Claus himself.

From the regional capital of Rovaniemi, you can set out to explore the spectacular scenery that Lapland has to offer, including visits to the Santa Claus Village as well as the nearby Snow Hotel; and in the months of summer there are plenty of green national parks and great lakes that you can experience through guided tours. During winter, it’s possible to sign up for trips on either a sled drawn by huskies or reindeer. The Sami people have survived in the area for thousands of years, and reindeer have been essential to their survival. Visitors who venture to the Arctic Circle can try the local delicacy of dried reindeer meat, as well as other tasty treats like smoked salmon, cloudberry jam and the more modern invention of reindeer kebab. If you are visiting Lapland between September and April, you can experience the truly amazing natural wonder that is the Northern Lights. We could give you a scientific explanation as to what the Northern Lights are, but the truth is that they’re pure magic. If you don’t believe us, go see for yourself!

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