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Citybreakers in Barcelona will be spoilt for choice when it comes to things to do and see here. You could spend weeks exploring the city and you’d still only have skimmed the surface. The statue of Christopher Columbus pointing out towards the sea serves as a great starting point for your endeavour into the romantic streets that weave the centre together. From the statue, stroll up the wide La Rambla, where restaurants and market stalls populate the tree-lined boulevard. Barcelona is a city that artists have thrived in for centuries, and one of the most influential people to have left a mark on the city’s appearance is undoubtedly Barcelona-native, Antoni Gaudi, so much so in fact that his works have collectively been accepted as a UNESCO Heritage Site. Immediately next to La Rambla, you’ll find the first of Gaudi’s masterpieces. The Palau Güell rises majestically from a rather non-descript street, and behind the cast-iron gates you’ll find truly awe-inspiring palatial splendour. Heading further north you’ll come to two of Gaudi’s most famous buildings. First the Casa Batlló, with its surreal façade of egg-shaped windows and wave-like features, and next, the truly magnificent, albeit still unfinished, Sagrada Familia. With its steep spires, gargoyles and sheer size, this Catalan jewel is guaranteed to take your breath away. Complete the Gaudi-tour by making your way to the Park Güell. With panoramic views of the city, colourful, mosaic-like architecture and greenery, it’s a delightful place of rest away from the urban bustle. For slightly lesser known sights in Barcelona, pay a visit to the Joan Miró Foundation, for a bit of modern art, or head to the hidden gem of the Sinagoga Major in the old Jewish quarter of Barcelona. Regardless of which direction you go in in the city, you are never far from something truly stunning. The city is full of castles, museums, delicious restaurants, trendy bars, theatres, churches and just generally lots of great things to see and do. This means that you can make your visit here completely your own. Oh… and before we forget, remember to catch a game of football at the gigantic Camp Nou –home to legendary FC Barcelona.

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