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36ºC / 96ºF

Santa Susanna

A small village up until the 1970, the introduction of international tourism, saw the beautiful stretches of beach attract the development of luxurious resorts and facilities for holidaymakers searching for sun, sand and cyan-blue sea. While the hotels dominate the seafront, the old houses of the village are located around the green hillsides that form the beginning of the more mountainous and wood-covered Massif Montnegre. Visitors can explore the shops and quaint cafés along the narrow streets, before either heading to the beach for a spot of sun-lounging or engaging with various water sports like surfing and jet-skiing. Alternatively seek further inland for some of the activities that abound the rural area away from the coast. The Activ Natura Adventure Park, just east of Santa Susanna offers the perfect location for a day of exploring the woodlands and the hills. Sign up for quad-biking, horse-riding, mountain-biking as well as paintball and other adrenaline-fueled activities. Or, for a more scenic and slow exploration of the greenery and the landscape, the nearby La Granja provides tours on horseback as well as riding courses for children.
   The location of Santa Susanna means that it’s easy to explore Catalonia and the Costa Brava further as well. The capital and cultural cornerstone of Barcelona is just 62 kilometres away if you’re looking for a day of urban adventures, while aquatic enthusiasts can visit the gigantic water parks of Marineland Catalunya and Water World just north of the area. After a long day of activities and sun-frolicking, you can kick back and relax, while either enjoying a glass of cold Spanish wine, gazing out across the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, or tucking into delicious local food at one of the restaurants that populate the village and the seafront. 

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