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The mighty Guadalquivir River embrace the historic centre of Seville. Crossed by numerous bridges both new and old, the water provides the perfect setting for a scenic promenade, as well as the best starting point for a full exploration of the city. A wander through the narrow streets and the open plazas will expose you to magnificent old buildings, monuments and churches, as well as delightful modern architecture that springs out of nowhere and leaves you wanting to discover what lies around every corner of this romantic city. At the Remedios Bridge, head in through the huge park that run perpendicular with the river. Walking through this wild park you’ll suddenly arrive at the Plaza de España. In the wide crescent wings of the building that surrounds the square, you’ll find various fascinating museums. Head north, through the park and past the University of Seville, until you reach the Alcazar Palace. Originally built by Moorish kings, this UNESCO Heritage Site, with its stunning arches and romantic atria, is counted among one of the most beautiful places in the entire country. Stroll through the contiguous gardens and see the Columbus Monument, before making your way to Seville’s two other UNESCO sites, the General Archive of the Indies and the city’s cathedral. In the latter you’ll find the ornate tomb of Christopher Columbus. Regardless of which direction you head in, you’ll find something that will capture your attention. Visit the Real Maestranza bullfighting ring, gaze up at the wooden, fungi-shaped, modern marvel of the Metropol Parasol and get to grips with the passion of the local dance at the Museu del Baile Flamenco. After a day of exploring, you’ve more than earned yourself the right to retire to one of the many restaurants and bars that populate the city. Nothing is more Andalusian than a great selection of tapas, washed down with sweet wine. Dine at one of the oldest bars in Seville, the Rinconcillo, try more contemporary regional food at Los Coloniales, or simple wonder in any direction you choose and settle in the first bar you see where crowds of locals hang out. In Seville you’ll need more than just a day to get through all the sights and the tastes that the city has on offer, and if you’re visiting during Easter, don’t forget to experience the Semana Santa-processions where locals march through the city in religious attire to the tune of scores of horns being blown.

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