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Located in the middle of the archipelago of the Canaries, just off the coast of Africa, Tenerife is a delightful blend of various cultures, mixed with unique landscapes and breathtaking scenery. The island welcomes holidaymakers of all ages and backgrounds, and, having been a popular destination for decades, it caters to all interests and activities.
   On Tenerife you can while away the days along the endless beaches, enjoy the shopping possibilities and nightlife of the more urban areas along the southern coast, or decide to explore the less frequented parts of the island. Discover the sheer natural beauty of Los Gigantes, where the cliffs rise as far as 800 metres above the sea, experience the vivacity and buzz of Playa de las Americas, or simply kick back and relax on the picturesque Playa de las Teresitas. The splendid waters and the Atlantic breezes make Tenerife the perfect destination for water sports such as wind- and kitesurfing, jet-skiing as well as diving and snorkelling. It is also possible to go whale- and dolphin watching via a wide range of boat tours that can be boarded from ports near the resorts.
   For those seeking to discover more land-based sights and activities, both the cities and more rural areas inland abound with options. Visit the Museum of Nature and Man for a fascinating insight into the ancient past of the Canaries. The museum holds several archaeological finds, including preserved pre-Hispanic mummies. Tours and hikes around the Teide National Park will bring you up close to the stunning peaks and craters of the island’s volcanic centre. For cultural options of a more modern flavour spend a few hours at TEA in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which is part art museum and part theatre, or catch a concert or exhibition, or simply just stare at the awe-inspiring architectural feat of Auditorium Adan Martin. Tenerife is one of the most popular destination for holidaymakers, and while you’ll find lots of sun, beaches and bars, you’re also likely to find something that will take you completely aback and forever lose your heart to this charming island.

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