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Sharm el Sheikh holiday Sharm el Sheikh holiday Sharm el Sheikh holiday
Sharm el Sheikh holiday 5nts in Sharm Sharm el Sheikh holiday
Sharm el Sheikh holiday Book your holidays to Sharm el Sheikh, Red Sea Riviera, Egypt Sharm el Sheikh holiday, Red Sea Riviera, Egypt

Cheap holidays to Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is an increasingly popular destination with tourists, and it's no surprise when you see what's on offer. Mount Sinai overlooks the resort, obscuring the Sinai desert from the beautiful beaches along the coast. The Red Sea is both calm and warm, and boasts an enormous array of marine life. The concentration of plankton here means that all sorts of creatures take shelter in the water: expect to see sharks, tropical fish and even manta rays if you take the plunge. Above water, Sharm El Sheikh is equally beautiful. The markets bustle with colour and noise, and spices bring the senses alive. For something more adventurous why not try a water sport, or even an excursion into the desert? Whether you choose to go by quad bike, camel or jeep is up to you, but you'll be sure to meet the nomadic Bedouin people once there. You should also take a dip in one of Sharm El Sheikh's healing, hot sulphur springs, if only to help prolong your suntan! Thanks to Fleetway Travel's last minute deals, you can enjoy all this and more on cheap holidays to Sharm El Sheikh.

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