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Customer reviews of Antalya

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Customer reviews of Antalya

April 2015 - staying at O/BONE CLUB SUNSET

Very good hotel but repetitive boring food. People not very helpful at reception. Waiters and general staff excellent.

May 2014 - staying at SARAY RESORT AND REGENCY

As ever our holiday at the Saray was really good. The service, and the cleanliness were up to scratch, the only thing that had changed from previous visits was the food. I don’t feel that it was as good as normal, less variety available.

May 2013 - staying at 4*BIG BLUE SUITE HOTEL

Hotel and holiday great but transfers and time spent at airport awful

December 2011 - staying at HOTEL SHERWOOD BREEZES RE

I thought that the hotel room was very good. The hotel was nice but cold in a lot or the areas. The food however was very bad. Selection was poor. The quality of the main courses was very poor and the deserts were really poor. I got the impression that they were cutting all their costs to save money because the drinks were poor as well. I would never use this Hotel again. The staff were unfriendly too.

December 2011 - staying at SHERWOOD BREEZES RESOR

We were really looking forward to this hotel after many of our friends came here last Xmas and after reading reviews on the internet. It has to be said that we have stayed in 7 hotels in Lara Beach and many in the world and this was the worst food we have ever been offered. The drinks service was abysmal. There was a shortage of staff in the main bar. it was either self service a queue for 10 mins for a drink from the only bar man or wait half an hour for a waiter to come and then another half an hour for him to return with the drinks which we ordered. It was faster to go down stairs to the onky other bar open which was far too cold tpo sit in. The staff that we did see seemed unhappy to be working there. Xmas lunch was very bad and the food deteriorated day by day. It was Turkish style and very bad quality Lokanta type food. I do not expect to be offered large chunks of grilled heart with tubes hung out in a 5 star hotel and especially at Xmas. Food like the fruit and salad were put out day after day and the cheeses were curling at the edges. Bananas were brown and soft. Poor selection of deserts which ran out and were replaced by biscuits. There were never enough seats in the dining area and never enough seats in the only WARM bar that was open. Several people complained after a few days and we managed to get extra seating. Drinks quality was poor. We have always gone to Lara beach for Xmas and will be having several holidays again in this area during the year but NOT at this hotel. I would also like to say that several customers complained to the management about food quality, heating, seating etc. his response was to smirk at them and walk away. The under manager was excellent in trying to sort things out but with no help from his boss. We will be booking with Fleetway again. we do not in anyway think that this is your fault.

October 2011 - staying at MAJESTY CLUB PALM BEACH

Good points - comfortable accommodation, great weather for late October, plenty of activities and food and drink options in the complex, a la carte restaurants worth a visit, friendly staff, superb value for money, Side well worth a visit and Alanya loked nice too
Bad points - hotel initially very difficult to find as we had hired a car rather than get a transfer (recommended!) (no decent directions on hotel website), food got a bit repetetive and was often cold, lazy staff at beach bar who were allergic to cleaning glasses- (only the select few given a glass for drink rather than polystyrene cup!), mosquitos in reception, Thomas Crook changed flight times to the early hours of the morning!

October 2011 - staying at VIKING STAR

Think it is only 5* because of Spa facilities. However, we still enjoyed it. Very clean and well maintained. Thought the all inclusive should have been a bit more extensive ie free water. After 2 weeks the food became a bit repetitive but always found something. Went out for a meal a couple of times.

October 2011 - staying at LIMAK LARA

Had a really great time. Hotel was a good choice. Only problem was the pools were freezing, but sea was warm! There were loads of Germans/Dutch, staff's second language is german. Kids club was good they really enjoyed it, entertainment in evening was good.

October 2011 - staying at CROWNE PLAZA

Thank you Fleetway travel. I was travelling alone for the first time,to a country I had never been to and with no pre planning.It was made so easy with your staff to answer,and deal with every question. I thought on Monday booked the same day and was in Turkey on Friday.As I was leavingI

October 2011 - staying at BEACH CLUB DOGANAY

We enjoyed our holiday thanks. Room was well selected.Loads of variety in the food so all in all a well organized holiday. Well done to Luisa Regards
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