CURRENT ON 17TH JULY 2017 0900

There is a possibility of delays at the Balearic Island airports for your departure flight and in particular Palma Airport.

We advise passengers to check in for flights as normal and ensure that they carry the sufficient essential items to cover possible delays - such as medicines, nappies and baby foods in their hand luggage.

Please ensure you leave sufficient time to reach the airport 2-3 hours prior to departure.

Thank you.


New US government airline security measures for outbound flights to the US from the UK, effective 19th July 2017

We would like to let customers know about increased security measures when travelling to the US in line with a directive from the US government. 

Customers who are boarding flights to the US may be requested to have additional checks on their electronic devices by airport security personnel. The electronic devices which may be subject to these additional checks include any phones larger than 16cm in length, 9.3cm in width and 1.5cm in depth), laptops, tablets, e-readers, power cables and their transformers. This only affects customers travelling on outbound flights to the US from the UK. If you have any concerns with any of your devices we would advise that you either leave these items at home or place these items into your hold luggage.

Please be aware that batteries and power banks cannot be carried in your hold luggage, and will have to be carried in your hand luggage.

Please also note that when airport security personnel check your devices they may be confiscated or destroyed if they show any signs of the below:

 ·         internal or external damage to the device

·         device having been tampered with

·         if the device cannot be removed from a protective case

·         if the device triggers the explosives trace detection alarm

We would like to thank customers for their patience and understanding at this time as we continue to put the safety of everyone travelling with us first. 

Important Notice – Flights arriving in the US – Aviation Security Announcement  

We wish to bring to your attention the important information below. The US government has announced that additional security measures for flights departing to the US from Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia,  Turkey and the United Arab Emirates will be implemented from 25 March 2017. This will also apply if you are transiting through one of the above named countries.  At present, the affected overseas airports are: Queen Alia International Airport (AMM), Cairo International Airport (CAI), Ataturk International Airport (IST), King Abdul-Aziz International Airport (JED), King Khalid International Airport (RUH), Kuwait International Airport (KWI), Mohammed V Airport (CMN), Hamad International Airport (DOH), Dubai International Airport (DXB), and Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH).  The enhancement in security will require that all personal electronic devices (PEDs) larger than a cell phone or smart phone be placed in checked baggage. These items will no longer be allowed to be carried onto aircraft at 10 select airports where flights are departing for the United States. Approved medical devices may be brought into the cabin after additional screening.  If you are travelling with phones, laptops and tablets you are required to:

  • Comply with the new security arrangements
  • Contact your travel insurance company ahead of travel as these devices are typically not covered by travel insurance policies either for loss, damage or theft when in the hold
  • Consider leaving your larger electronic devices at home but we appreciated that may be difficult when on business or with children

Further details can be found on the US Department for Homeland Security website. 

We do hope that this will not inconvenience you too much and understand that passengers’ security is of paramount importance.


If you are travelling to the USA for your forthcoming vacation, we wish to provide you with the latest information in respect of the temporary immigration measures as introduced by President Trump. The order focuses on all inbound travel/migration to the US affecting British Nationals and dual nationality with one of the seven identified countries - Libya, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.  The latest statement from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, as posted on Monday 30th January, states the following:  ''The FCO have confirmed with the US government that British Nationals with dual nationality with one of the seven countries (Libya, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen) should expect additional security checks on arrival in the USA. No other restrictions are in place for British passport holders under these temporary measures.  Any persons who are residents in the UK and are from one of the seven countries listed above, and are travelling to the USA, you should contact the nearest US Embassy or Consulate » for advice. 

The FCO have updated the travel advice for USA with an update to the Summary and Entry requirements section - additional clarification of temporary immigration measures. The relevant extract of the advice is below for your reference: 

On 3 February 2017, a legal ruling temporarily suspended implementation of the Executive Order. However, President Trump has vowed to overturn the ruling. Exact visa and other entry conditions could therefore change at short notice.