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Holidays to Mykonos are the true definition of Greek island paradise. Combining ancient sites, picturesque scenery and blissful beaches, this stunning island really does have it all.

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Why should I visit Mykonos?

Dance the Night Away

Mykonos might have a reputation for being a bit of a party destination, but there’s so much more to nightlife here than you would initially think. If you step off the beaten tourist track to the places where the locals go, you’ll experience Mykonos nightlife at its finest. In the area known as Little Venice, there are some excellent bars and evening spots that are perfect for watching the sun go down as you sip on a cocktail or two.

Eat Like a Greek God

Whether you’re looking for traditional Greek cuisine or something more international, Mykonos has got your dining needs covered – and then some. All around the island, family-run tavernas offer an authentic taste of Greece: delicious meze, freshly prepared salads, locally caught seafood grilled on hot coals, and of course, feta. In the town, many restaurants combine Greek specialities with other Mediterranean and European inspired dishes so wherever you go, you’ll find that mealtimes are a wonderfully multicultural affair.

Step Back in Time

From Tourliani Monastery in the heart of the island’s Ano Mera settlement, to Panagia Paraportiani church, and the Archaeological Museum, Mykonos is home to some fascinating historical and architectural sites. At the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos, top exhibits include a marble statue of Hercules that dates back to the 2nd century BC, as well as several displays of pottery and more contemporary sculpture.

Soak up Some Mediterranean Sun

Whether this is your first-time visit to Mykonos or one of many, it probably won’t surprise you that this glamorous island is home to some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. For the ultimate party atmosphere, Paradise Beach has to be top of the list, but if you’re looking for a more secluded place to lay down your towel, there are some stunning coves and bays that are a little further off the beaten track. Whatever your sunbathing needs, Mykonos has everything you could possibly wish for.

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Tourliani Monastery

The castle-like Tourliani Monastery is one of Mykonos’ most captivating historical sites. Situated in the centre of Ano Mera, Tourliani was founded in the 1500s and then rebuilt in 1767 and was originally named after the presentation of the Virgin Mary. With its striking whitewashed exterior and ornate domed church, it’s instantly recognisable and definitely worth a visit.

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Agios Sostis

A far cry from the packed golden shores of Paradise Beach, Agios Sostis is much less busy than any of Mykonos’ southern coast, and it really is a pleasure to behold. A stunning strip of white sand with glistening turquoise waters, this is the perfect sunbathing spot. There’s an excellent taverna nearby serving traditional Greek fare, and the sheltered cove behind is ideal for whiling away a peaceful afternoon.

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Panagia Paraportiani

One of Mykonos’ most iconic – and most photographed – churches, Panagia Paraportiani dates back to the 15th century, when construction on its beautiful whitewashed exterior began. Comprising not one, but in fact five small churches, the complex is situated on the edge of the Kastro area of the island, and its seaside location offers truly breath-taking views.

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If you’re looking for a day trip destination while on holiday in Mykonos, Delos should be top of your list. For a tiny, uninhabited island (five kilometres long and no more than 1,300 kilometres wide), this is one of the popular archaeological sites in Greece, owing largely to its status as the mythological birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. During the 1400s, Delos became an important religious centre and thousands of people made the pilgrimage from all over Greece.

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Mykonos FAQs

When is the best time to go to Mykonos

In the summer, temperatures in Mykonos are usually in the mid-high 30s, with around 12 hours of sunshine each day and little or no rainfall, making it the perfect destination in the months from June to September. During the spring and autumn, the weather will be cooler, with temperatures ranging from the late teens to mid-20s and the occasional rain shower.

Do I need a Visa to go to Mykonos

If you are a British citizen, you don’t need a visa to enter Greece but you must have a valid passport. For the latest information on European travel regulations, visit www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/greece/entry-requirements.

What currency is used in Mykonos

The currency in Mykonos is the Euro (EUR).

What language is spoken in Mykonos

The main langauge spoken is Greek.