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A small island with a lot to offer, Jersey is the largest of the UK’s Channel Islands but only measures at nine miles by five miles. This doesn’t stop the island from being one of the most popular holidaymaking destinations in the UK with its sweeping coasts, fascinating history and colourful array of flora and fauna.

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Why should I visit Jersey?

Discover Jersey’s beaches

With more than 40 miles of coastline hugging the tiny isle, the unspoilt beaches of Jersey are a haven for holidaymakers seeking a sandy retreat that’s free from the crowds. Of course, Jersey is famous for its pristine shores but as yet, these stretches have escaped the hordes which flock of the UK’s better known beach locales such as Brighton, Margate and St. Ives during the summer months. With such a large collection of beaches to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect one for your holiday in Jersey. Travellers with dogs will be pleased to know that all beaches are open for your excitable pups to frolic on and holidaymakers with limited mobility will find that beach days are a breeze with amenities such as specialised beach wheelchairs available to borrow free of charge from the BeachAbility charity.

Soak up the history

Discovering more about Jersey’s past while in the area is a must and with such a fascinating history to intrigue you, it’s bound to be far from boring. Jersey has a unique military and war history which spans the course of more than 3000 years, with remnants and monuments still very prevalent in the modern day. Due to its strategic and political importance as the gateway to the UK, Jersey was constantly under attack as many nations including the French sought to use it as a base to launch their attack on mainland UK. From the language and cuisine to the ruins and wartime sites, visitors will see evidence of the island’s oldest and more recent battles, occupations and confrontations, including those during the Second World War when the island was held by Nazi Germany.

Spot Some New Wildlife

On a holiday to Jersey, you can discover a whole world of bizarrely exotic creatures which seem out of place on UK soil. While far from its most intriguing, the first and foremost of Jersey’s unique breeds is, of course, the Jersey Cow. Renowned for its relative beauty in the cow community, these gentle giants can be found fluttering their eyelashes at visitors across the island. More interesting but arguably less pretty, Jersey is home to the only colony of wild Red Squirrels in the UK as Grey squirrels were never introduced to the Island. Other fascinating wildlife such as bottlenose dolphins, lizards, agile frogs and more are also to be seen here and there so visitors should keep their eyes peeled.

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Portelet Beach

Slightly more secluded than the local haunt of some of the island’s eastern beaches, Portelet Beach is a postcard-perfect golden crescent with dancing blue waters, and sun-soaked sandy stretches. The ideal place for a splash about and a snorkel, the currents are fairly gentle close to shore due to the protection of the bay and the variety of sea life is worth the plunge to investigate. Better yet, once you’ve finished up down on the beach, Portelet is also home to one of the island’s favourite pubs, The Portelet Inn where you can enjoy a tasty meal and a relaxing drink to wind down your day with.

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Jersey Zoo

Dedicated to the memory of the famous animal enthusiast and author, Gerald Durrell, the Jersey Zoo was the first ever zoo which focused on conservation of species rather than merely a visitor attraction. Now more than 60 years since it first opened its doors, the zoo is still a haven where some of the local and more exotic animals are cared for in an attempt to preserve the dwindling numbers of their kind. Here, visitors will be introduced to incredible creatures including gorillas, bears, lemurs, meerkats and more. And with over 30 acres of park valleys to explore you’ll find your visit both entertaining, educational and enchanting.

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Fish and Chips

While Jersey may appear to be closer to mainland Europe than the UK, there is one irrevocable bond which ties the two together; a love for the national dish of fish and chips. There’s nothing quite like strolling along the stunning shores of Jersey come rain, snow or shine with a hot package of freshly fried goodies, wrapped in newspaper to keep you warm. Here in Jersey, you can always guarantee the fish will be fresh, the salt will be straight from the sea and the potatoes have been locally grown, so grab a wooden chip fork and tuck in to a typical Jersey treat.

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Jersey FAQs

When is the best time to go to Jersey

Jersey experiences the best parts of the French hot summers and the slightly rainier temperament of the English winters resulting in stunning scenery and wildlife but slightly unpredictable weather patterns. During the spring, the areas breaks out in truly jaw dropping blossoms which are well worth a visit to witness, while the winters make for some dramatic coastal scenes which will send photographers wild. For the general holidaymaker, the best time to visit is when the sea starts warming up around May, and while the sun is blazing, but the crowds are low in early June.

Do I need a Visa to go to Jersey

You don't need a visa if you are a UK citizen.

What currency is used in Jersey

Accepted currencies are British Pound Sterling (GBP) and the Jersey Pound.

What language is spoken in Jersey

English is the main language spoken.