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With its stunning coastline and fantastic holiday vibe, Majorca has been a popular destination for sun-soakers, water sports enthusiasts and partygoers for decades. Beyond the scenic beaches and the developed waterfronts, however, the island emerges as a thoroughly stunning and wonderful gem, just waiting to be explored.

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Why should I visit Majorca?

Join in with the Tradition

Long lost in the shadow of Mallorca’s flashy beaches, party atmosphere and tourist attractions, Mallorcan heritage and history is making a comeback and it’s something visitors should definitely get excited about. Sites across the island are receiving some much needed TLC as mansions, history monuments and rural retreats are spruced up, dusted off and opening to the public. Locals too are beginning to embrace their own origins with local cuisine, open air markets and more springing up in place of the more typical chain restaurants and shopping centres. Get out and explore the suddenly flourishing local life of the island and enjoy the little celebrations of this culture in the village festes.

Sample Some Mallorcan Flavours

Along with its suddenly blossoming cultural revival, the culinary scene in Mallorca is absolutely booming. Michelin stars seem to be raining down upon the island and gourmet eateries are springing up like wild flowers in every direction. Sample some Italian salads, Portuguese pastries or even something more exotic like a Vietnamese pho. Everything is tasty, tasteful and beautifully turned out with a gourmet flourish. Not only are they showcasing worldwide delicacies and fine dining dishes but most importantly the chefs and eateries are bringing back the lost local flavours which will hands-down beat any kebab or chips after a night out partying.

Get Lost in the Landscape

Whether you choose to indulge in a coastal exploration that takes in the bleached beaches and softly flowing cobalt waves, or lie on a hilltop at sunset to watch the stars begin to sputter into existence above you, Mallorca is a Mediterranean delight that will be etched into your mind forever once you’ve fallen under its spell. So roll down that rooftop and fly along the islands scenic highways or get out the hiking boots and set off into the twining vineyards or wide open meadows with their pleasantly scented wildflowers and softly falling spring blossoms.

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Serra de Tramuntana

A mountain that will steal your breath as well as your heart, the Serra de Tramuntana is one of Spain’s most magnificent rocky ranges and a must for keen outdoor activity enthusiasts and lovers of natural beauty. Spanning more than 50 miles in length, the Serra de Tramuntana forms the backbone of Mallorca with its soaring peaks and dominating presence. Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011, the mountain walks which wind their way through gnarled olive trees, mountain communities and ancient monasteries, are as beautiful as they are challenging.

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Cuevas del Drach

For a truly magical experience, visitors should check out the enchanting Cuevas delDrach. Found on the island’s east coast, this underground networking of labyrinthine lakes and caves is an adventure waiting to happen. Reaching depths of 25 metres below the ground, the gloomy passages aren’t for the faint hearted. If you thought that all you could do here would be to stare at the stalactite formations, you’d be wrong. Hop aboard one of the boats, and allow your guide to row you through the darkness on a black lake which twinkles in the light from your boat.

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While eateries, historical sites and beautiful landscapes all add to Mallorca’s charms, the thing that tops it all is its beaches. Beating some of the world’s most photogenic islands to claim the top spot in the, as yet unofficial, most scenic coastline competition. While some of the island’s beachy stretches are now the exclusive spaces of luxury resorts, you can still enjoy a quiet afternoon in a secluded cover or feel like the only people in the world while you lie on the sands of one of its picturesque scalloped bays. And it’s not only the stereotypical golden sands that draw people in, the scenery differs from beach to beach with the seas changing from azure to cerulean to a periwinkle blue and the landscape surrounding each other them undulates from dramatic cliffs to sparse forests or rolling hills. Every beach, every wave and every day is a new unique experience.

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Majorca FAQs

When is the best time to go to Majorca

Mallorca is a year-round sun destination where you’ll be able to lap up the rays from March to October and even sporadically from November to February too. If you’re looking to beat the rain and the crowds on your Mallorcan break, the best time to visit is from late March to May when the average temperature is almost always over 20 degrees.

Do I need a Visa to go to Majorca

If you hold a British Citizen passport or an EU National passport, you don’t need a visa to enter Spain and are visa exempt for 90 days. For the latest information on travel regulations, visit

What currency is used in Majorca

The currency is the Euro (EUR).

What language is spoken in Majorca

The main language spoken is Spanish.