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Tenerife Holidays

Romantic, adventurous and family-friendly, Tenerife is an all year-round destination that everyone will enjoy. Just a short journey away with the quick four-hour flight, you’ll find that the land of eternal sunshine, carnivals and tropical landscapes is right within your grasp.

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Why should I visit Tenerife?

Venture into the Wild

Find your own paradise outside of the hotspots of Tenerife when you make a trip into the area’s less travelled regions. Get lost in a landscape that’s teeming with flora and fauna of all kinds and revel in the unspoilt wonder of it all. Don’t forget to take your camera so you can make these picturesque scenes last a lifetime. From isolated mountain communities all through forests and wide-open spaces to the ocean-side settlements of the maritime towns, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a stunningly unique region that seems to have been waiting for you to come and explore it.

Enjoy Some Thrills and Spills

However you prefer to get your adrenaline pumping, Tenerife is sure to have the activity for you. Roam the landscape on a quad bike tour of the island’s coastline or swing through the trees on one of the areas high ropes courses. Leap from the cliff tops while paragliding or, for the best view of all, plummet in a spectacular skydiving experience. If you’re not a fan of heights, set your sights on lower pursuits such as diving to the watery depths of the island’s ocean floor, where you can discover an array of fascinating sea creatures and underwater plants. If diving doesn’t thrill you but the idea of water-based exploration intrigues you, rent a jet ski and take off into the sunset in style.

Experience the Fusion

Everything in Tenerife from its art and its cuisine to the atmosphere and attitude of its inhabitants is a product of fusion between tradition and modernity, natural splendour and man-made creativity. So whether you want a holiday full of hiking, biking and other rustic outdoor pursuits coupled with tours of historical sites and cultural experiences or prefer to spend your days soaking up some sun by a five-star resort pool before heading out to paint the town red, you’ll find Tenerife is happy to accommodate any style. Perhaps you’d like to experience the local way of doing things by mixing it up yourself and combining first-world pampering with old world discoveries and tech-free experiences.

Beaches Galore

Coastlines which stretch for miles and seas which seem to catch your eye from every angle, the ocean-side delights of Tenerife are something that every visitor should take time to enjoy. There are secluded coves for those wanting to beat the crowds as well as beach clubs for a little seaside partying. Surfers and sea voyagers will be delighted with the range of activities open to them beyond the sandy shores and photographers will go mad for the range of colours that their lenses can capture, from golden stretches to jet-black swathes of sand.

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Tenerife fact file

Local Cuisine

With its Spanish heritage and hints of African flavours, you’ll find the local cuisine in Tenerife to be a mouthwatering treat not just for your taste buds but also your eyes and sense of smell. All through the island’s towns you’ll get wafts of deliciousness from every corner cafe and you’ll be delighted by the colourful array of dishes and delicacies on offer. A particular recommendation that is close to the heart of many Spanish people is, of course, paella. With seafood so fresh you can still taste the ocean, this dish is debated between islands, towns and even families as every recipe is a little different. One thing you can be sure of is that it’s packed with flavours, rice and it is absolutely divine.

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Mount Teide

The highest peak in any Spanish region, Mount Teide is an essential stop on your tour of Tenerife. An ancient site of volcanic eruptions, this impressive sightseeing attraction is found on the island’s northern coast and has views that will capture any heart. Due to the mountain’s height, many visitors choose to take the cable car up its slopes as opposed to hiking it but should you wish to embark on the climb, be sure to pack good walking boots and some layers. Visitors should also ensure they’ve acquired a permit to make the hike.

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La Laguna

A stunningly pretty UNESCO World Heritage Site, La Laguna is a historic gem with quintessential Spanish flavours in its colourful buildings and old fashioned architecture. The narrow but unerringly straight lanes play host to a fabulous collection of antique shops, traditional eateries and eclectic bookstores. Dotted amongst these, visitors will be able to spot a number of picture-perfect historical sites such as preserved mansions, ancient clock towers, baroque-style churches and more. Flanking the entire area is the exotic wilderness of the laurel forests and the imposing but stunning range of the Anaga Mountains, making this one snap-worthy stop on any holiday in Tenerife.

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Tenerife FAQs

When is the best time to go to Tenerife

Spring and autumn are generally considered to be the best times for visitors to make their way to the island of Tenerife. Between March and October the sun begins to shine in earnest and the temperatures soar, making it the ideal time for beach enthusiasts. To beat the crowds and the height of the heat, it may be worth visiting between the milder winter months, when activities such as paragliding and hiking are open for business. If you want to watch the island come alive to the sound of party music, February is the month of the famous Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival, the second largest carnival in the world after Rio's.

Do I need a Visa to go to Tenerife

If you hold a British Citizen passport or an EU National passport, you don’t need a visa to enter Spain and are visa exempt for 90 days. For the latest information on travel regulations, visit https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/spain/entry-requirements.

What currency is used in Tenerife

The currency is the Euro (EUR).

What language is spoken in Tenerife

The main language spoken is Spanish.