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The most southern of the British Channel Isles, the old Bailiwick of Jersey is situated immediately off the coast of France. An island pearl glistening in the sun, the wild scenery and the warmer climate may make you think that you’ve arrived in a foreign country. You have, however, come to the very homely and welcoming, albeit exotic, haven of Jersey.

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For an island of relative small size, Jersey is packed with a wide range of things to do and see. Its stunning landscape stretches from the jagged cliffs along the northern coast, across the green fields and tree-lined roads of the interior, to the beaches and wide bays around the capital of St Helier at the south of the island. Feel the sand between your toes and the fresh sea breeze in your hair, as you explore the scenic St Brelade’s Bay, or, for the more adventurous among us, try jet- or water-skiing, windsurfing or Scuba-diving along the island’s coastline. If you’re more into adventures on dry land, then head to Durrell’s Wildlife Park. Here you can see animals from all over the world and witness how the park has rescued numerous endangered species from extinction.

Next, travel east towards the village of Gorey. From the top of the medieval castle of Mont Orgueil, you can gaze out across the Gulf of St Malo and the small islands that inhabit the waters near the French coast. Originally built by the Normans, the fortification has been modified by various subsequent rulers. The German occupation of the island even saw the Nazis fortifying it further to withstand a possible Allied invasion.

The marks of history are visible throughout the island. From the Neolithic La Hougue Bie, which is counted as one of the ten oldest buildings in the world, to Elizabeth Castle guarding the bay around St Helier, there are plenty of things to explore here. Visit the War Tunnels for a glimpse of life on the island during the Second World War and how the Nazi prepared Jersey against invasion. For a comprehensive coverage of the island’s history, head to the Jersey Museum & Art Gallery found in the heart of St Helier. Stroll through the adorable streets of the capital and end the day in fashion at one of the restaurants where local produce, such as beef, seafood and freshly grown vegetables, are fused with modern gastronomy.

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