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Bodrum Holidays

Despite being a popular seaside retreat for both local and international visitors, Bodrum nevertheless maintains an elegant and refined charm about it. The quintessential coastal getaway destination, Bodrum holidays play host to a fabulous marina, seafood eateries, markets and more.

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Why should I visit Bodrum?

Indulge in a Feast

Thanks to its abundance of fertile agricultural farmland, you’ll find Bodrum bursting with fresh produce, whether it’s fruit and veg or oils and spices. Not all the best food is found in restaurants though, street food carts, markets, meyhanes and mezze cafes are also excellent sources of succulent snacks. If any sweet-toothed foodies want to try some local tastes, find some lokmas(deep-fried dough balls in syrup) or baklava(honey and nut pastries). If you’re of a more savoury inclination, try the Turkish equivalent of the jacket potato, kumpiror some peynirli borek (layers of pastry, spinach and cheese).

Turn Back the Clocks

It’s not just the careful work of restoration experts and local craftsmen that has kept the Aegean elements of Bodrum; urban planners have put measures in place to preserve the ancient character of the city. So when you wander through the whitewashed buildings with their evocative blue trimmed doorways and roofs, or around the destination’s castle an ancient ruins, you’ll get a real feel for the heritage and ancient traditions of the area.

Take it Easy

Bodrum city is located on the Bodrum Peninsula, meaning visitors to the area will have a plethora of stunning beaches to choose from should they be in the mood for some sun, sand and sea. Not just great spots for some sunbathing, the sandy stretches of Bodrum also offer views of some of its historical monuments. The city’s twin bays, for example, both offer excellent opportunities to snap a photo of the distinctive medieval fortress of Bodrum Castle.

Discover an Ancient World

Part of Bodrum’s charm is its ineffable atmosphere of all things ancient. It could be the well-preserved buildings or the historical sights but either way, it’s magical. From the famous Bodrum Castle to the Underwater Archaeology Museum, to the history of the city itself which was built on the site of the ancient Greek city of Halicarnassus, a holiday to Bodrum will be one you’ll never forget.

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Fleetway Recommends

Turkish Bath

To begin your getaway in a truly Turkish way, indulge all your senses in a lavish pampering at a Turkish bathhouse. There are many traditional massage techniques that these bathhouses offer, including aromatherapy oil massages and more. Round off the whole heavenly experience with a deep-cleaning, wonderfully warm bath in a mosaic-clad marble tub of mountain-fresh water.

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Aqua Park

Aqua Park is the perfect place for some water-based thrills and spills. From the wave pool to the lazy river and adrenaline-inducing water slides, there is something here to suit everyone. And when you have a moment to remember how hungry you are, you’ll find that all your needs are met with the onsite eateries, which supply those world-favourite holiday treats like pizza, burgers and other goodies.

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Mausoleum of Halicarnassus Ruins

Once one of the original ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ the ruins of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus are still worth a visit if you get the chance.Built between 53 and 351 BCE by his widow, the original building was designed by the Greek architects Pythius and Satyros with many sculptures of other famous Greek artists surrounding it. Although now not as impressive a site as Bodrum Castle, which was built on the stones of this ruined monument, it is nevertheless a fascinating historical monument.

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Bodrum Castle

An unmissable stop on any Bodrum holiday is the city’s famed castle is a medieval marvel. Built by the Knights of Rhodes in the 15th century during the crusades, its official name is The Castle of St. Petrus. But the castle itself isn’t the only jaw-dropping view to be found at this site. The outlook onto the stunningly blue vista of the sea is something you simply can’t pass up on. Most recently, the towers and other spots within the Castle of Bodrum have been converted into exhibition halls for the Underwater Archaeology Museum or into event spaces for the many festivals hosted in Bodrum throughout the year.

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Bodrum FAQs

When is the best time to go to Bodrum

The summer months in Bodrum boast beaming sunshine and high temperature while the winter is a lot milder, making the region a wonderful year-round destination.

Do I need a Visa to go to Bodrum

British nationals need a visa to enter Turkey, except for cruise ship passengers with ‘British Citizen’ passports who are visa-free for 72 hours. Turkish visit visas are valid for multiple stays up to a maximum of 90 days in a 180 day period. For the latest information on travel regulations, visit www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/turkey/entry-requirements.

What currency is used in Bodrum

The currency in Bodrum is the Turkish Lira (TRY).

What language is spoken in Bodrum

The language spoken in Bodrum is Turkish.