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Holidays to Australia are few and far between, if not a once in a lifetime experience for most of us Brits. Holidays to Australia are so much more than a sightseeing extravaganza, although this is a very important part! If you are looking to book your Australia Holidays, we can help you.

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Holiday to Australia

Life changing experiences are the norm as are idyllic sun bathing opportunities, extreme sports and absolute fun filled excursions! Australia makes up the majority of the worlds smallest continent, although Australia itself is one of the biggest countries in the world! As the home to some of the most astonishing scenery and outdoor adventures, this country really has something to shout about. Not forgetting the wonderful cities of Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra too! Australia really does have something to shout about, boasting Pacific and Indian coastlines too. Due to the sheer distance of Australia, its well advised to take holidays of a longer duration. Multi centre holidays and fly drive options around Australia are a great idea, and the perfect way to make sure you see all the best bits! Some travellers even add in holidays to New Zealand, Fiji, the Pacific islands and even parts of south east Asia.

Guide to Australia

Ayres Rock (Uluru) and the Great Barrier Reef are of course on everyone's hit list for sights to see on holidays to Australia. Yet located a fair distance apart its only right to visit all the fabulous locations in between and round the edges! For first timers to Australia, Sydney is an essential. Really trips to this great city should be an essential on any Australia holiday! This cosmopolitan city really does have it all, and the laid back atmosphere will have any traveller pining for more. The great thing about Sydney is that flights from the UK are frequent, and flights from Sydney to other parts of Australia are always easy and relatively cheap too. As the powerhouse of the nation, a lot goes on in Sydney and it's ideal to spend anything from four days to well over a week here. The Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and the famous surf at Bondi beach are the main sights to see. Sydney boasts skyscrapers galore as well as giving you plenty of shopping opportunities and chances to lavish in the cities chic bars, restaurants and nightclubs - maybe even have a BBQ on the beach. For sun, sea and surf lovers Australia of course in the homeland, and even a big city like Sydney exudes the best of the best. Sydney is probably one of the furthest Australian destinations from the UK, it’s a great idea to begin your trip here and work you way back to the east coast. Canberra, the nations capital is just a stones throw from Sydney and is a great example of Australia at its best. Exploring the surrounding areas of New South Wales are ideal when venturing between the two cities, make sure a trip to the wondrous Blue mountains is had. Holidays to south Australia cant miss holidays to Melbourne and the surrounding areas of Victoria, always a hit with the Brits, if not just for the chance to tour the neighbours set! This modern city is a great place to relax and lap up the local lifestyles, with plenty of tourist attractions and wildlife retreats to keep you entertained. Driving from Sydney to Melbourne, or even Brisbane if you choose to head to the north, is a great opportunity to catch the beauty that is the Pacific coastal roads…And an attractive hassle free alternative to flying.

For those seeking something totally different Tasmania is one of the more peaceful, natural states of Australia and is the perfect place to wind down after a packed full itinerary of Australia's other areas. Located just south of the Australian mainland state of Victoria, holidays here can easily be tied in with exploring the south west.

Queensland is the ultimate state for holidays and really should be enjoyed to the max, Cairns and the Great Barrier reef are the more obvious, thrilling destinations…And Daintree boasts exquisite beauty. Of course Brisbane is the big boy here at is a great starting off point for exploring the beautiful Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Fraser Island! Domestic flights can be had from Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne to Brisbane, and can usually be had easily and cheaply. The neighbouring Northern Territory is definitely somewhere worth exploring, if not just to visit the infamous Ayres Rock, awesome waterfalls and all that is unique to Australia. Getting from A to B is always easy is Australia, so care free holidays can always be had.

And finally the lovable Perth, with its European vibes and being the closest city to the UK, this is a great place to start or finish a holiday. Enjoying its own fair share of amazing beaches and sights to see, this more unique city really should be on the list.

Australia Holiday

There is never really a bad time to visit Australia, enjoying almost year round hot, sunny climates and in particularly over the dreary British winter months - when Australian temperatures often top 30 degrees Celsius! Holidays to Northern Australia however do experience a rainy season between December and March and in the south the months between May and July are quite cool - still only falling to around 16 degrees Celsius though! The rain in the north often is seen as a refresher from the regions hot, hot temperatures. The South boasts the absolute in perfect beach weather and is best enjoyed over our winter months - Christmas here is the perfect excuse to escape the mayhem! It is often said that the country is one of the most fascinating in the world, wonderful holidays to Australia are always loved by the whole family are a lot of fun if travelling as a couple of with a group of friends to. As an English speaking country and with a culture almost matching that of Britain, holidays never feel unfamiliar, aside from stumbling across the odd kangaroo, Koala Bear and beautiful beach! Famed as the number one flaunt for back packers, Australia really does have plenty to see and do, with bargain accommodation on offer as well as the absolute in luxury accommodation, holidays to Australia really are one size fits all.

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