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We have the best range of Austria Holidays. Holidays in Austria are charming, relaxing and above all interesting. Holidays in Austria are for everybody with sun an array of things to do. Hotels are easy to find in the big resorts and cities there are loads to suit all budges. With international airports situated to service the whole country no where is a problem to get to. Here at Fleetway travel we can book you last minute deals, cheap holidays and great package deals.

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Holiday to Austria

Austria is a small land-locked country located in central Europe. Bordered by Germany, Hungary, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Being bordered by so many countries and its exciting history it is easy to see why the people of Austria are so diverse and welcoming. The climate of Austria, which is a very mountainous country is continental. Summers are generally warm with cool nights, the winters are sunny with snow fall. With this generous snowfall yearly Austria has become one of the lead countries in winter resorts with St Anton and Kitzbuhel firm favourites. They don’t just offer excellent skiing but amazing nightlife and other fun activities.

Guide to Austria

The capital of Austria is Vienna, on the Danube River and at the foot of the hills of Vienna Woods. The history of this delightful city date back to Roman times, it is built on an old military settlement. Other well worth visiting places in Austria are Salzburg, the setting of the ever popular film The sound of music. Austria is a very musical country. Famed by classical composers and The sound of Music. Both Wolfgang and Beethoven were from Austria as well as the more recent DJ Otzi.

Graz, Innesbruck, Linz, Bregennz and Klagenfurt are all other well known cities that are well worth a trip. Each offering a unique insight into this lovable country.

Austrian cuisine is something that cant be missed, cakes and pastries are firm favourites in Austria, whilst on holiday in Austria these cannot be missed especially the famous Apfelstrudel. Other famous Austrian delicacies include Wiener Schnitzel which is bread crumbed and fried veal escalope. If your daring enough you try the veal an ideal side dish is Erdapfel Slat – potato dish. Within the big cities of Austria you can easily find an array of foods from all over the world so everyone’s happy, these reflect the cities diverse cultures.

Austria Holidays

Cheap holidays to the small European country of Austria are the perfect opportunity to grab a bargain break as well as discover one of the more dynamic nations of the continent. Being bordered by seven other countries, Austria has been heavily influenced and grown to become an exciting blend of Germanic, Hungarian, Italian, Cheque and Slovak cultures! As well as neighbouring Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Being one of the most welcoming cultures of the continent, its easy to see why holidays here are becoming so popular. Boasting delightful cities, unique wilderness and some of the world's top ski resorts, Austria really should be on the list. Enjoying a continental climate, weather is always reliable and as a holiday maker you will always know what to expect. Summers are generally warm with cool nights and the winter months are sunny with generous snow fall in the mountains. Making the Alps the perfect location for winter sports, easily rivalling the slopes of France, Switzerland and Italy. St Anton and Kitzbuhel are firm favourites, not just offering excellent skiing and boarding but amazing nightlife and other fun activities. Winter sports holidays aside, getaways to the capital Vienna are awesome. Especially for those more high culture orientated travellers! Located on the Danube River, this Roman city is a great opportunity to dive back into times gone by. Enjoying more museums and galleries than you could shake a stick at, as well as numerous live music venues! Holidays to Vienna are the art lovers paradise, the Kunsthistorischen Museum has the largest collection in the world of Bruegel paintings. Klimt paintings can be found in the Austrian Gallery within the amazing Baroque Belevedere Palace to. If its modern art your more into, the museum of modern art is one of the countries favoured cultural venues. Being the Austrian capital, having the essense of music in the air is an obvious, try and see the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra or the Vienna boy’s choir! For sightseers and shoppers, Vienna boasts that of every capital... Boredom is never an option here. Visit the former Imperial Palace and the rustic streets of the old town for something special. Dining is as big as art in Vienna, taking time to lavish over a hearty meal is a must, the traditional wine taverns and the fabulous traditional and modern restaurants that line the cities streets are always a delight! Sound of Music lovers, and those just seeking a charming city breaks, Salzburg ticks all the boxes. As the birth place of Mozart as well as the movie, would else could a culture vulture need. The Princely Residence, the film sets and Mozarts Geburthaus are just some of the things on the list.
This city suits everyone and here at Fleetway Travel cheap getaways can always be had! With so many cheap hotels and other easily sourced great places to stay in Austria there is a range to suit everybody, planning an Austrian holiday with Fleetway Travel is straightforward and here at Fleetway Travel we aim to make holidays as cheap and hassle free as possible too.

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