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If you are looking to book your Bahrain Holidays, we can help you. Bahrain is located in the Middle East, the first civilisation in the area and known as The Land of life. Made up of 33 islands, the main island seems like an Oasis compared to the very barren lands of its Arabian neighbours.


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Holiday to Bahrain

This fabulous country where ancient and modern cultures stand side by side, streets of sky scrapers and mosques, offers a unique Eastern experience. English is widely spoken so a holiday in Bahrain is ideal for those wishing to visit far away shores but not the unknown. For the best Bahrain Holidays, call Fleetway Travel now.

Guide to Bahrain

For Middle Eastern holidays, hot holidays and those seeking pastures new, holidays to Bahrain are a great excuse to have it all. Known as the land of life as well as the kingdom of two seas, its clear to see that a cheap holiday to Bahrain is out of the ordinary. As one of the more luscious Arabic islands, Bahrain really does have it all, boasting the ancient Arabic cultures as well as unique modern vibes, Bahrain already has the makings of a truly wonderful holiday! Being one of the more welcoming Arab states to, leaves tourists to truly experience the real things and gives holiday makers a great Eastern experience. Yet with English widely spoken, tourists never need to feel lost. Aside from shopping and admiring the beautiful mosques of the island and their neighbouring sky scrapers, beach fun is the norm.
Pearl diving and Dolphin watching are two of the more unusual, yet magical holiday past times, and definitely to be had whilst on a cheap holiday to Bahrain! Dining is of course taken very seriously in Bahrain and is best had in the islands capital Manama, taste buds will be brought back to life quicker than you can say yum! If not by the foods but by the infamous Arabian coffees found in these parts of the world. For first time visitor to the Gulf, Bahrain is a great jumping off point, being far more relaxed than some of the other nations as well as teaming with things to see and do, great holidays with a difference are always guaranteed. The relaxed lifestyles of Bahrain with plenty of attractions ideal for those wishing to explore the Gulf and in fact tourists flock to the island in their numbers for guaranteed hot, summer sun holidays and idyllic winter warmers. Most come a little more intrigued and fascinated than they would be landing Alicante airport!

For history buffs The Bahrain National museum has pieces that date back to the countries first human movements, 9000 years ago! Also be sure to check out the Bahrain Fort Qalat Al Bahrain, now a world heritage site with a museum too, this landmark is great for adults and kids alike! And really is a big enough invite to Bahrain on its own! For those after something special head to the islands Al Areen Wildlife Park, perhaps the best way to truly grasp the enchantments of the island! Head into Manama's famous central districts in the afternoons, the souk is a great place to bag some bargain essentials! Jewellery, herbs and spices are general great finds.

Bahrain Holiday

Cheaper hotels can be found outside of the capital, but being such a small island, wherever you are, you really are in easy reach of everything. The best hotels, boasting those favourite all inclusive basis' can be found just a stones throw away from the capital in it's trendy beach areas! Manama and Bahrain really do have the key ingredients for a superb holiday, as a cheaper option for heading off to somewhere less well trodden, this Arabic nation really does win hands down. For cheap holidays and great deals check out our website or talk to one of our knowledgeable advisers! Holidays needn't break the bank, but can always be special.

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