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Brazil, the largest of all the countries in South America, bordered by Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana, Columbia, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and The Atlantic Ocean. Brazil has 7491km of coastline! Famous for its Latin American spirit, unspoilt sandy beaches and endless adventure. Portuguese is the official language of Brazil and their currency is the Brazilian Real. Once a colony of Portugal and now independent, bordered by a huge number of countries with its youthful vibe, always fun, filled with music and football its easy to see why its at the top of every travellers list. If you are looking to book your Brazil Holidays, We can help you. Most of Brazil’s popular tourist areas enjoying a tropical climate like Salvador and Rio De Janeiro. English is widely spoken in the tourist areas too.

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Holiday to Brazil

For cheap holidays to the ultimate gem in South America, head off to Brazil with the hassle free help of us here at Fleetway Travel. Cheap holidays are definitely our thing and cheap holidays to Brazil are no exception! Bordered by more countries than most could name, Brazil really is truly dynamic and the absolute when it comes to South American charm - made famous for its illustrious spirit, live your life ambiances and outstanding beaches with climates to match. Holidays to Brazil really are something to be had, and a great idea.

Guide to Brazil

Split into 26 states, Brazil is great for the explorer. Be sure to visit the top cities of Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. With their stunning beaches, vibrant histories and endless fun. Brazil is also home to the Amazon Jungle! It is well worth a trip here during you holiday to Brazil. Located in the state of Amazonas, the state is even bigger that most countries in the world! The rivers of the tropical rain forest are the only real ways to get around – being the Amazon River however, its as spectacular as the forest! Take in the staggering natural beauty of the forest, with amazing sunsets, colourful Butterflies, playful Monkeys, Iguanas, Parrots, Kingfishers, Piranhas, Stingrays and even pink Dolphins! Spend time in the regions capital city of Manaus. Plenty of boat trips are available from Manaus taking you into the jungle. See “the meeting of the waters” where the black waters of the Negro meet the brown waters of the Solmoes. These two rivers flow side by side for about 9km before mixing! Relax on the Ponta Negra beach, visit the small zoo or let go in the lively nightlife of the region. Boasting many festivals, enchanting land marks, stunning natural forests and the great musical vibes of Boi-Bumba, Northern Brazil is a gift to the world. The warm welcome of this fabulous country makes you want to adventure deep within, make sure you visit the sea-turtle reserve at Tamar and the huge Iguassu waterfalls.

Heading further afield and away from the Eurozone is the best way to get the most from your pound. The music filled, football crazy country of Brazil has to be on any travellers list and the bonus is that Brazil can be enjoyed all year round! Most tourists flooding to Brazil tend to reside in the main cities or in the very popular coastal region, whilst Cancun, Rio and Salvador are unmissable, the tropical rainforest and the countries more local areas should get a look in to! The country is in fact made up of a massive 26 states, whilst each nook and crannie is impossible to visit in one holiday, with us here at Fleetway Travel we can send you to where you really want to go. Our cheap prices also mean that second holidays can always be an option! Cheap holidays to Brazil are also a great place to take the whole family, history buffs, beach bums, water sports enthusiasts, shopaholics and even outdoorsy types will be more than happy on a cheap holiday to Brazil! Holidays to the country's Rio de Janeiro are the perfect opportunity to really immerse yourself in the lively culture of Brazil. Cheap holidays to Rio de Janeiro are the absolute when it comes to city breaks and are a great chance to see far away lands in the know that you aren't spending far more than you would be, if you opted to holiday closer to home.

Brazil Holiday

This year the Eurozone really could work out just as expensive than hopping over the Atlantic for a great adventure. Rio really is more than just beaches and great shopping, the grand history of the region is enough to steal anyone's hearts. Famous for it beautiful natural settings, massive carnivals, samba filled streets and amazing beaches. You will find yourself mostly in the centre and the south of the city. This is where most of the major attractions and best shopping districts are. Whilst in the city centre, on your holiday to Rio de Janeiro make sure you visit the Paco Imperial – the old government house as well as the Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Candelaria which is the oldest colonial church in the city. The famous statue of Christ the Redeemer over the city at the top of the Corcovado Mountain is a must visit along with the cable car over Sugarloaf Mountain. The other popular city break of Brazil is the equally fabulous but perhaps lesser known Salvador, as one of the first cities in Brazil to be colonised, its beautiful architecture is the biggest call to the city along with its stunning lengthy coastline. With a year-round tropical climate, a strong African culture and a small city centre it’s a great place to visit on foot. The beaches in Salvador are inviting on their own, protected by reefs they are great for surfing, swimming, snorkeling and diving. For the best shopping in the city the market of Mercado Modelo is really exciting, walk away with fabulous jewels, hammocks, instruments and much, much more. Whilst on holiday in Salvador make sure you venture out to the peninsula and explore the old fort, lighthouse and its own museum. In the city centre the Museum of Sacred art in an old monastery is very popular and any holiday to Salvador should include visits to the Cathedral of Salvador and the Church of Sao Francisco. With tremendous landscapes, many walking trails, this city is oozing with life. And that’s before you’ve even checked out the nightlife. Being the proud home to much of the Amazon rainforest really does give Brazil the cutting edge over other hot, sun destinations! Trips into the jungle can be had for any duration and really are often a once in a lifetime experience. The sheer abundance of wildlife and vegetation is enough to send anyone into a state of awe. The city of Manaus is the absolute jewel of base camps when it comes to venturing into the forest, Plenty of boat trips are available from Manaus taking you into the jungle and the meeting of the waters is an astounding natural wonder! Negra Beach is the perfect place to gather your thoughts in the region to!

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