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At Fleetway Travel we have the best Croatia Holidays available. Croatia is a beautiful Mediterranean country, situated in South - Eastern Europe , ideal for the purpose of holiday trips. Croatia can provide to you a long coastline, the sun and warm sea for lazybones’s, a lot of relics from Greek and Roman times to the present, diving in crystalline water, and mountain hiking to active.

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Holiday to Croatia

Holidays in this country of contrasts is the ideal choice for everyone, regardless of whether they choose hiking after the mysterious Velebit mountains, swimming in warm, clean waters of the Adriatic, a visit to one of the numerous charming coastal islands, or walk around beautiful old Zagreb. While in Croatia, you can not not visit the perfectly preserved medieval town Szybenik, magnificent buildings from the time of the Roman Empire in Zadar, or walk the narrow streets of Dubrovnik, completely due called the "Pearl of the Adriatic”.

Guide to Croatia

Croatia has even created a climate for the development of tourism. Coastal regions are among the most sunshine across Europe. When going up here, you can be almost assured that the weather did not disappoint us. Croatia slowly becomes one of the most countries visited by tourists. It is almost a paradise for boaters, including the most affluent, cruising around Croatian islands and islets with their modern boat. You can find here also fans of diving, they both experienced and novice and amateurs. Croatia has one of the least destroyed underwater worlds in Europe.
Croatia culture

Culture of Croatia was shaped under the influence of western culture, Mediterranean and Slavic. As Slavs, the Croats are nice and friendly to newcomers. Do not forget, however, that this is a Mediterranean country - especially in coastal regions, afternoon comes time to siesta, and the force begins on the evening. Croats also behave in a manner typical for the peoples of the south, which manifests itself mainly in a fairly loud and lively way of speaking.

Tourist season begins in Croatia in April and lasts until October. The country is in two climate zones: Mediterranean (coast) and continental (interior). Over the years the sea are sunny, hot and dry. Winters on the Adriatic are mild and rainy - the temperature rarely drops below 5 ° C, but the characters can be cold and dry Bora wind from the mainland. Rain falls mainly in summer and autumn. In the higher mountain bands, the weather is changing rapidly, the temperature differences are large and sometimes snow falls.

Croatia Cheap Holidays

For cheap holidays, Croatia is proving to be a real gem. Boasting the same chic ambiances that you would find on the elegant Riviera's of France and Italy, but with the fabulously low price tag of the up and coming Eastern European holiday hotspots. The fashionable and well known city of Dubrovnik has in fact been labelled the new St Tropez. During the high summer months in Croatia (July and August) you can discover the real Croatia at Dubrovnik’s Summer festival. Here you can see internationally know artists and dances as well as Croatian folklore and other amazing performances. Sight-seeing and shopping in Dubvovnik are where the holiday really begins for some - visit ancient monasteries, museums, churches and palaces where you can feel the charm of days gone by on the cobbled streets of this fabulous city. When you have enough of the city, if you do that is, Dubrovnik offers fabulous opportunities for water sports, diving, walking and hiking. Enjoying the well known, yet ever lovable Mediterranean climate, Croatia even boasts boasting the sunniest coastline of the continent! Sun tans, rest and relaxation are just some of the many, many pull factors to the nation.

The Dalmatian coastline, resting on the sun kissed shores of the Adriatic really does have something to shout about. Within the Dalmatian region Split is the largest town and definitely the culture hub. You can discover the magical blend of the ancient culture of the Romans, Venetians, Slavs, French, Italians and the Austro-Hungarians but feel of vibe of the new modern living. There are many Idyllic spots for watersports and sun bathing. Split is the liveliest place in Croatia with plenty of nightlife as well as bars, restaurants and family tavernas. You can enjoy fabulous views at the Mariana whilst sipping the finest of Croatian wines. A must see in Split is also the Marjan forest and zoo. Split is the ideal holiday destination for families, couples and group holidays, at Fleetway travel we can find your perfect accommodation and flights for your cheap holiday in Croatia. With a fabulous Mediterranean climate and all the activities you need, a holiday in Split is perfect. The coastline is also amazing for snorkelling and scuba diving.

Croatia Holiday

Croatia is also famous as a romantic getaway – cobbled streets, promenades and plenty of outside tavernas serving seafood and Croatian wine. The food and drink on the coast line has a heavy Mediterranean influence with the common use of herbs, olive oil and garlic. This Mediterranean diet is greatly enhanced by whatever is caught from the sea so fish dishes are the main delicacy – expect to see octopus, lobster and squid. For bargain deals and cheap holidays to Croatia book through us here at Fleetway Travel, we tailor make all our holidays to suit our clients down to a tee!

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