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Denmark, the southernmost of all the Nordic countries located in northern Europe. Bordered by the country of Germany, The Baltic Sea and The North Sea. The country consists of Jutland “mainland” and then many smaller Islands. The Faroe Islands and Greenland are also provinces of Denmark. The currency in Denmark is the Danish Krone, this definitely is a break from the norm. Take yourself back to days gone by whilst on holiday in Denmark. We have the best range of Denmark Holidays.

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Holiday to Denmark

When on holiday in Denmark you must try some of the countries fabulous cuisine, like the other Nordic countries it is very meat and fish based, all served with potatoes though so even the fussiest can enjoy the countries food. Definite tries are Frikadeller, these are fried meatballs with potatoes and gravy. And Karbonader which is breaded and fried mince meat. But for those less adventures the home of the Danish pastry is sure not to disappoint.
Denmark has always been seen as a country of high-culture. The home of Hans Christian Anderson boats 280 museums! Discover ancient amber objects, Aalborghus Castle, Viking Graveyards and of course Hans Christian Andersons birth place – Odense. If its music you’re into don’t forget this is the home of Metallica, Aqua and Alphabeat. The Viking Ship museum is also great for children.

Guide to Denmark

Holidays to southern most Nordic country have been had by the Brits for decades, and Denmark is in fact the second most popular of all the Nordic countries for holidays. United with Greenland, this nation offers the best of the best when it comes to winter wonderland holidays and idyllic warm, summer breaks. Enjoying a reputation as one of the more peaceful European destinations, and a fabulous depiction of days gone by. Cheap holidays to Denmark are perfect for those seeking a winter wonderland in the fresh colder months, and great for those that want to feel really Christmassy. In the summer, the temperatures reach about 16 degrees Celsius, for those not after a hot, hot holidays but still looking to get away from all, Denmark is the cheap holiday hotspot for you. The country is absolutely teaming with quaint villages, amazing shopping, plenty to see and do and its fair share of medieval churches, farms, lakes, castles, cycling tours and modern bustling cities to occupy yourself with. Holidays to Denmark are a holiday of culture, visits are often busy, and a lot of time is spent being relatively active, without the need for spending time on the beach, the cooler temperatures never become a problem. As the birth place of Hans Christian Anderson music is in the air. Denmark is of course the homeland to Aqua, Metallica and the newer Alphabeat! Denmark in fact boasts 280 Museums! A must visit is the Viking ship museum. For history buffs that want to go further the Viking graveyards and the Aalborghus Castle are great! Holiday makers looking to unwind, Denmark is a great option and definitely one of the most beautiful countries in Europe to. Cheap hotels To Denmark can be found all over the country, and the capital Copenhagen is no exception. Denmark draws in thousands of holiday makers, year after year and fails to disappoint in any aspect! Most holidays makers to Denmark return time and time again, with so much to explore, and at bargain prices there's no excuse not to! Cheap holidays to Copenhagen, the countries capital city are perfect for a lively grasp on the Danish culture, Copenhagen is definitely one of the most attractive and fun cities in Europe. The old towns of Norrebro, Osterbro and Vesterbro are full of cobbled streets, fountains, squares, beautiful statues and all the important things to like fabulous shops, bars, restaurants to. Whether its shopping in the extravagant Stroget or admiring art in one of the many, many museums of Copenhagen, this city really has something worth seeing. A cheap holiday in Copenhagen wouldn’t be complete without a stroll along the quayside at Nyhayn. Enjoy Danish tastes in the outdoor restaurants or browse around the charming shops and boutiques. A cheap holiday to Copengagen has to include a visit to the island of Slotsholmen. Where the Christiansborg Palace lies, the Royal Family home and Parliamentary seat. A fascinating insight into the Danish culture. As one of the best cities of the world to live in and one of the most tranquil of locations , Copenhagen really is proud. With plenty of hotel beds to offer there is no excuse. Here at Fleetway Travel we can find you your perfect package deal to Denmark, cheap holidays and also last minute bargains.

The country enjoys a temperate climate, so the delights of a holiday in Denmark can be had all year round. The January temperatures are about 0 degrees Celsius and August temperatures at about 16 degrees Celsius. It rains the most in November.

Denmark Holiday

Unwind in the history of this delightful country of scattered islands, beautiful landscapes and people of such hospitality. You’re sure to want to come back again and again, with so much to explore, why not? The country is filled with quaint villages, amazing shopping, plenty to see and do from medieval churches, farms, lakes, castles, cycling tours and modern bustling cities. If you’re in Denmark during the summer months the yearly summer music festival in Roskilde is a must.

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