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Abu Simbel, Egypt Holidays 2019

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For the best Abu Simbel, Egypt Holidays, call Fleetway Travel now. Abu Simbel, located in southern Egypt, on the western bank of Lake Nasser, 290km south of Aswan. The famous Nubian Monuments lie here, now a UNESCO world heritage site.

Abu Simbel
Abu Simbel, Egypt Holidays 2019 Abu Simbel, Egypt Holidays 2019  1

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Holiday to Abu Simbel, Egypt

The temples were first built in the year 24, they would have taken about 20 years to construct. They were first discovered 1813 by J.R Burckhardt. They then became a very popular destination for the Victorians and are still well visited today! The Nubian monuments – also known as the temples of Abu Simbel were first carved into the mountainside. Built by Pharaoh Ramesses II in the 13th century BC. The monuments are probably as equally well known for their massive relocation in the 1960s.
After the Aswan low dam almost overflowed in the 1940s it was decided to build a new dam rather than raise the old one for a third time. The new Aswan high dam was located 6kn up stream. The dams stunning reservoir, Lake Nasser caused concern for 24 historical monuments. It was decided in 1964 to move them all to safer locations. Many were giving to countries that helped out with the project. The Nubian monuments were moved 60m higher and 200m away from the river. The entire monument was cut into blocks and then rebuilt! They are set in exactly the same positions to each other and the sun. The joints where the monument was cut are no longer visible, however it is possible to see some inside the tomb! There is now an exhibition of this major move in the man-made dome of the temples.

Guide to Abu Simbel, Egypt

The Abu Simbel light festivals, October this year and February next year are well worth a holiday to. These dates fall on dates of Ramesees’ rise to the throne and his birthday. Before sunrise, people pack into the temple. They are witnesses to the stone capturing the shards of light and illuminating the inner sanctum of the monument! Definitely one of the most spectacular sights in the world. Afterwards enjoy the fabulous fair and music festivities. There is also a daily sound and light show at the temples which will bring you back to the land of the Pharaohs.

Abu Simbel, Egypt Holiday

There are a few large hotels in the city too! This area is very much up and coming making Abu Simbel a beautiful tranquil place to be. Enjoy a holiday in Abu Simbel at a low price luxury hotel in this magical land. The best way to appreciate Abu Simbel is to take a one night trip from your holiday in Aswan, which is only 4 hours away.

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