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Giza, Egypt Holidays 2019

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If you are looking to book your Giza, Egypt Holidays, we can help you. Giza, once its own town lying on the west bank of the famous River Nile. Now part of the greater Cairo metropolis. Tourists are swayed to this dynamic place as it is the host to the Giza Plateau.

Giza, Egypt Holidays 2019 Giza, Egypt Holidays 2019  1

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Holiday to Giza, Egypt

Giza is the home of some of the world most astonishing landmarks, Here you will find the Great Sphinx, the Great Pyramids and many other large pyramids and temples. In fact much of what you come on holiday to Egypt for is in Giza!

Guide to Giza, Egypt

This mythical town is twined with Los Angeles and the town of Rinkeby in Stockholm, Sweden. In recent years a huge wealth of nightclubs, restaurants and shops have appeared to cater for the huge numbers of tourists to the town. Over taken by Cairo’s sprawl this exciting town still retains much of its own character.

Giza, Egypt Holiday

A holiday to Giza must also include a visit to the Al Amir perfumes palace oozing with Egyptian style. Play golf in the light of the pyramids at the Mena House Oberoi Golf course. The legends and legacies bazaar and the papyrus shops are great for really cheap, fabulous souvenirs. Dr Ragab’s Pharaonic village is a favourite with everyone – Egyptians dynamic history really comes alive!
With luxury hotels, Giza is the place to be, just outside the hustle and bustle of Cairo, this thriving town is a delight. With great value hotels like the 5 star Royal Gardens. Amazing low prices for food and goods book with Fleetway Travel to Giza now.

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