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Nile Cruises, Egypt Holidays 2019

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We have the best range of Nile Cruises, Egypt Holidays.

Nile Cruises
Nile Cruises, Egypt Holidays 2019 Nile Cruises, Egypt Holidays 2019  1

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Holiday to Nile Cruises, Egypt

If you have a week to spare in Egypt, this is the ideal way to spend it!
The Nile is often said to have been given the gift of Egypt. A great way to visit the top places in the exciting country is to take a Nile Cruise holiday. This truly gives you the chance to absorb all that Egypt has to offer. Here at Fleetway travel we offer you an array of cruise and holiday options to suit any budget, we can also offer you package deals and last minute holidays! Most Nile cruises have swimming pools, bars, restaurants and many other exciting facilities so are great for families, couples and groups of friends.
The more classical Nile cruise holidays start from Luxor and Cairo. In Cairo you will find the Pyramids and the Sphinx, these soulful monuments are breath-taking. A trip into the main Medina is also to be had during a trip to Cairo – try your hand at haggling and see how many bargains you can find.
In Luxor visits to the Valley of the Kings, with its many tombs including Tutankhamun’s are very exciting for the traveller in you. As the cruise continues visits to the Temple of Edfu and the Kom Ombo temple are sure to get you going. Kom Ombo temple even has mummified crocodiles! Next port of call on you Nile cruise holiday is Aswan, famous for its markets and the Aswan Dam. It is also possible to cruise to Abu Simbel whilst on holiday on the Nile, where stunning sun rises and sun sets can be enjoyed. Also discover temples that can only be visited by boats. This holiday of a lifetime really does feel like you’ve travelled back in time, truly discover the riches of Egypt!
Egypt is one of the hottest countries on Earth, summer temperatures hit 31degrees Celsius at their peak in the Mediterranean and Alexandria resorts, however in Aswan they average 41 degrees Celsius.

Full board is available on all cruises, beginning with lunch on the first day and breakfast on the last day. Itimeraries may change due to the local weather conditions, such as Lock closure or low water levels of the Nile. However, all sightseeing will be provided.

At Fleetway we can tailor any holiday to your requirements and include either 3, 4 or 7 night Nile cruise into your intinerary.

Guide to Nile Cruise, Egypt

From Luxor to Aswan

Luxor can feel like you are in an outdoor museum. Luxor is home to many of the well known temples and tombs of Egypt. This city is definitely worth exploring – ride around in a horse-drawn carriage even!

Whist on holiday in Luxor the West bank is where you will track down the alluring Valley of the kings and Valley of the Queens. Tutankhumun’s tomb is here too. Although the tombs are now empty you cannot miss the beautifully decorated hieroglyphics. Whist on your Nile cruise trip to Luxor a trip to the beautiful temples of Karnak is a must. Here lies three main temples built and made bigger over 1300 years.
Whilst in Luxor you have to enjoy afternoon tea at the Winter Palace Hotel. A real Agatha Christie experience. The small Luxor Museum is enchanting with its display of finds.

Built on the site of Ancient Thebes over 4,000 years ago Luxor has been called the world’s greatest outdoor museum. Awe struck visitors can bask in the shadow of some of this country’s most impressive temples and tombs thanks to its fantastic state of preservation.
Located on the banks of the Nile Luxor offers ancient monuments, brilliant hospitality and a vibrant bustling street life. As one might think, the city has all the amenities tourists might expect, including a variety of hotels, bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

Aswan, Egypt's sunniest southern city and ancient frontier town is small enough to walk around and graced with the most beautiful setting on the Nile, offering a uniquely African ambiance. The pace of life is slow and relaxing.
Days can be spent strolling along the broad Corniche watching the sailboats tall masts etch the sky or sitting in floating restaurants eating freshly caught fish. The riverside is perfect for evening walks while bazaars sit amongst the labyrinth of streets behind to explore.
The town of Aswan is much quieter and relaxed than the other Egyptian cities, it creates the perfect RnR setting after the hustle of Luxor and Cairo. Aswan, the picturesque town lying on the banks of Lake Nassar is greatly known for the High Damn which is an eye-popping example of modern Egyptian engineering.

Did you know that Aswan is nearby to the incredible project which took place to move and rebuild the two temples of Abu Simbel due to the construction of the dam. The town is also well known for its fabulous market street, Sharia Assoug where spices are perfumes are almost a steal!

Nile Cruises, Egypt Holiday

Positioned in the south of Egypt, an hour an half away from Luxor by plane you can appreciate the true beauty of this African country with its romantic views of the near-by mountains, Lake Nesser and the River Nile, which it at its most beautiful in Aswan - this retreat is very much suited to couples, some of the best sunsets in the world can be found here.
On holiday in Aswan gives you the inviting chance to dine in a floating restaurant with great freshly caught fish on the menus.

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