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Customer reviews of Taba

January 2012 - staying at RADISSON BLU RESORT

The Radisson Blu Resort, Taba is absolutely lovely. The staff are charming and caring, the food is of a high standard, the barbecues were especially good. The beach and pool areas are maintained to a high standard and the diving/snorkelling are very good. My room was excellent and very clean with a good view. The La Vacca entertainment team are great, really helped to make my stay good fun. The drinks on the all inclusive deal are dreadful, the local spirits are undrinkable. The beer was OK but very watery, the wine with dinner was better but the wine sold at the bar is vile! Would probably book with Thomson next time as their customers were greeted at the airport and supported throughout their stay. Their customers also paid less. Return flight was very delayed so that wasn't the best end to the holiday but overall, the holiday was lovely. Thank you

November 2011 - staying at SOFITEL TABA HEIGHTS

Fantastic hotel & food & very friendly & helpful staff. Also impressed with Fleetway Travel - will use them again.

April 2011 - staying at HYAT REGENCY TABA HEIGHTS

Second time in Taba, First time in Regency Hyat – The great thing about Egypt apart from the blue skies and gorgeous Red Sea is the people – they are so polite and friendly (always) and seem too really like their jobs and take great pride in how they do them..

The Hyat is not the greatest hotel I’ve ever stayed in but it’s far from the worse. If I’m being honest it’s just a little tired and worn out and maybe needs some money spent on the bedrooms and bathrooms to give it that luxury feel that so many of the Egyptian hotels have – the pool areas was always clean and tidy but again some of the beds are a bit worn. The dinning areas again were always clean and tidy but they just looked a bit drab.

Over all we did have a really nice time – but I wouldn’t go back, not sure if I would recommend it as I felt a little disappointed, but if they do invest in the right area it will give it back it’s wow factor and make it an amazing hotel again.

March 2011 - staying at 5* SOFITEL TABA HEIGHTS

fantastic hotel great food and great service probably the best allround a1 in taba
will have no hesitation in returning
only let down thomson flights seats with very limited legroom

March 2011 - staying at SOFITEL TABA HEIGHTS 5*

Great hotel, very comfortable, staff friendly and attentive, facillities good, plenty to see and do. Excellent holiday!

March 2011 - staying at 5* TABA HEIGHTS MARRIOTT

This was the first time I'd used Fleetway, overall it was good, everything was arranged efficiently. Booking through Fleetway we got a fair baggage allowance, did not have to pay extra to sit together nor get ripped off for Thomson's poor meals. We were met at the airport and rushed (a little too fast) to our hotel. The return transfer was equally well organised but with less of the egyptian "driving". Not using a big operator meant that we avoided a lot of queues and crowds and there was no constant hard sell of over-priced excursions. Hotel was excellent for the money if a little worn round the edges. I would use Fleetway again because the website and booking system are good and they offer fantastic value for money.

January 2011 - staying at TABA HEIGHTS MARRIOTT

Fleetway did an excellent job of arranging the holiday.
Hotel Looks Lovely, well laid out with great views. Rooms were a good size however, on arrival into our room our safe did not work nor did the air conditioning both had to be replaced, which they did very quickly. I just would not expect this sort of thing from a five star resort.

The Food, while generally having a good selection, with great sweets/puddings in the restaurant the main meals were only ever luke warm (at its hotest). Some of the waiting stafff were very lazy just leaning against the walls talking to each other ignoring the guests, however some of the waiters were very attentive.

The hotel has its own beach, however, the staff on the beach do not pick up the litter. I picked up 10 plastic bags, discarded cups, cigarrete butts and forgotten plates/glasses. The Sunbeds are also never cleaned, and 3 sunbeds that I tried all had sticky Jam like liquid on them, very disappointing

The pool area is great, very clean and well maintained gardens

At reception do not offer to pay your bill in Egyptian punds as they do not have change and ask you to use a credit card instead of their own currency

It is worth knowing that the hotel has signed up to a 'dine around' facility, which means you can eat your evening meal in one of the other three hotels, the food in the Sofitel and the Inter continental was excellent with great staff, do not bother with the Hyatt as the food is the same temperature and quality as the Marriott. You have to go to reception between 8am and 11am and say you want to dine at the other hotel, for the follwoing day, and not eat your meal in the hotel. They will ask you what time you would like to eat and it will be booked for the following day after the booking is made. well worth trying the other hotels

Having stayed in 5 star hotels all over the world I would not say that the service is up to normal 5 star standards that you would expect

Otherwise a good hotel/ holiday

February 2011 - staying at HILTON TABA RESORT

I will begin the review with the one or two negatives: - Firstly, the location of Taba and the Hilton resort. As there were no big towns or cities close to the resort, there was not much to do that was nearby. (I mean for shopping trips or restaurant visits, does not apply for sightseeing.) Now, this was only a minor issue (even smaller in my own eyes than my Wife’s!) as there were plenty of in-resort activities throughout the day and good entertainment on most nights. The Hilton resort in Taba even has its own shopping Mal which my Wife took advantage of on multiple occasions! From my side I felt a little uncomfortable being soooo close to the border of the regions superpower.
The only other minor gripe in her opinion was that on two occasions, my wife didn’t have much of a varied choice as a vegetarian. This unfortunately played a part on Valentines Day which, for one of the non AI restaurants, the Casa Taba, had a lovers menu with only Tomato Soup that was suitable for my vegetarian wife. However, having said that, we got a specially prepared dish for her, made by the Chef that was running the Palm Court (buffet) restaurant ! She loved it. I must point out that I didn’t even try to ask for this. The waiters went out their way to see us happy! The service we received that evening from all the waiters, chefs and bar staff at the Rainbow bar really made us feel like Royal VIP’s! I can honestly say that it was the best Valentines evening that we have spent together.
This leads me onto the point which sets this holiday apart from the others that we have been on. The Staff at the Hilton Taba, are absolutely fantastic, in every way. Service was always timely and always delivered with a smile. So whether you’re having a meal or a drink at one of the 4 restaurants and 5 bars, or just idling away some time at the beach, the staff deliver, entertain and do their best to engage actively with you, without taking it too far and get annoying.
Now I know that because of the recent political issues, the week we spent in Taba, there was a distinct lacking of guests so I guess we may have got a little better than the average person to staff ratio but we did speak to people who had been there before, and it does seem that the Hilton lives up to this level of service even when it does get busy. I guess the staff are well chosen to begin with. Our favourite bartender Ahmed, had memorised our drinking habits by the second afternoon!
So to sum up, VIP treatment, good food, (especially if you’re not a vegetarian!), superb snorkelling all topped with unbeatable service, I thoroughly recommend this resort and will most definitely visit again.

January 2011 - staying at SOFITEL TABA HEIGHTS

Excellent hotel food good staff pleasant one of the best value holidays we have hasd in years.

November 2010 - staying at HILTON TABA RESORT

I have never known a holiday be so easy to book. The whole journey was a breeze. Excellent service when we got to the airport with our transfer. As for the hotel and the staff, it was very clean and the staff extremely friendly. If you made the effort with them then they went the extra mile for you. It was our daughters first holiday experience abroad and she LOVED it.
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