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Carcassonne, France Holidays 2019

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An ancient, hilltop dwelling, Carcassonne, France holidays transport you to the pinnacle of Southern French culture. Its castle walls date from the 12th century and have seen many decades of fascinating history along the way, including the hundred year’s war.

The epitome of a fairytale location, Carcassonne has to be seen to be believed. Maintaining its rich and staggering beauty, this is a town for all ages to be inspired by.

Carcassonne, France Holidays 2019 Carcassonne, France Holidays 2019  1Carcassonne, France Holidays 2019  2Carcassonne, France Holidays 2019  3Carcassonne, France Holidays 2019  4Carcassonne, France Holidays 2019  5

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Holiday to Carcassonne, France

Said to be in the thoughts of Walt Disney, when designing Sleeping Beauty, Carcassonne holds mystery and legend close to its heart. Dating back to Medieval times, its architecture is something to truly behold. Dotted with drawbridges, towers and cobbled bridges, Carcassonne, France holidays offer numerous sites of heritage and stunning beauty.

Guide to Carcassonne, France

With its famous walled city, the rest of Carcassonne is just as picturesque. A typical southern French town, it has irresistible bars, cafes and restaurants to choose from. It is easy to soak up the warm sun and atmosphere of such a historic place. With shops and services catering to everyone who visits, Carcassonne is also a very friendly and safe place to come and spend your time.

With fantastic boutiques, you will be treated to an array of desirable items. From beauty products to jewellery to artworks, Carcassonne is somewhere you can guarantee to find the special thing you want for yourself or a loved one.

Carcassonne, France Holiday

Carcassonne is a truly authentic French experience. Once you have visited the fabulously pretty inner citadel, you can then relax in the main streets and centres of the lower town. With several choices of overnight accommodation, including bed and breakfasts and townhouses, Carcassonne, France holidays offer a unique place full of wonder and romance and will leave behind many incredible memories.

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