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For the best Gambia Holidays, call Fleetway Travel now. The flight from London to Gambia takes less than 6 hours - with no time difference. The Gambia is situated on the west coast midway between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator, mostly flat and dominated by River Gambia from which the country takes its name.


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Holiday to Gambia

With the average temperature of 32° C, Gambia has recently become a great holiday destination outside of the Eurozone. The Gambia's Dalasi to Pound exchange is pretty the same for 2 last years.

Guide to Gambia

Banjul is Gambia's capital and belongs to one of the smallest capitals in Africa. It's located on the St Mary's Island, where the Gambia River enters the Atlantic Ocean. The Gambia is a former British Colony and the official language is English but there are also several tribal languages including Mandinka and Wolof. The country is the fourth most densely populated in West Africa, with around 1.2 million people population.

The main attractions of The Gambia are the magnificent wide uncrowded beaches and friendly, hospitable people that live there. The Gambia also charms its guests with natural reserves, colourful culture and amazing food that many visitors describe as best food anywhere in West Africa. There is no migration of any of the large animals commonly associated with Africa. However, without leaving your hotel you can see a breathtaking variety of bird life, in addition to monkeys and lizards. Baboons and crocodiles can be seen nearby and then far up the river, hippos. For those who love exotic greenery, there is an abundance of forests, swamps, marshes and savannah.

The main appeal of Gambia is its weather with the average temperature during a year of 32° C. You can enjoy here virtually uninterrupted sunshine and high daytime temperatures with almost no rainfall from November to June. For those planning to travel inland away from the coast and the benefit of the sea breezes, it is important to note that temperatures during the summer can reach 42°C.

Gambia Holiday

For the more independent car hire is available, although rather expensive and definitely not recommended. Its strongly advised that you would take medicines to treat dehydration, small ailments, stomach upsets, insect bites and cuts, along with mosquito repellent and suntan creams, as such items are expensive and not always available in The Gambia

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