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Germany, located in central Europe, bordered by Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Netherlands. Swimming off the coasts of The North Sea and the Baltic Sea. With so many neighbours and a striking history, this hearty country is always evolving as a great tourist destination. We have the best range of Germany Holidays.

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Holiday to Germany

Enjoy a temperate climate of warm summers and mild winters a wealthy array of beers and outstanding food. The food definitely changes from region to region. When on holiday in Germany, if it’s Bavaria you choose will be heavy on the meat. Germany loves its sausages – 1500 different types are produced in this country. Breakfasts are continental but in very last quantities – “breakfast as an emperor, lunch as a king, but dine like a beggar”.

Guide to Germany

European city breaks are available in several major cities in Germany. Berlin, the capital, is a major tourist attraction and enjoys the status of being the third most visited city in the European Union. If it's not city breaks your after Germany offers the Alps in the south, the old Roman empire retreats of the west and the staggering Black Forest.

Berlin is a large city - the largest in Germany and the second largest, as far as population goes, in the whole of Europe. It’s a vast and bustling metropolis that can keep you busy and entertained for many short breaks and holidays, bringing you back again and again.

Germany Holiday

The central European country Germany is a great place to grab a cheap holiday. As one of the more familiar European nations too, holiday makers know they are heading somewhere good, grabbing a cheap deal in really icing on the cake! Bordered by Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands - this country is one of the more dynamic on the continent. From tip to toe a variety of different cheap holiday types can be had and the cultural differences are astounding too! Enjoying a temperate climate of warm summers and mild winters, cheap holidays to Germany generally guarantee you predictable weather, so packing is even hassle-free too. A wealthy array of beers and outstanding food are not the only delights ready to greet you. Germany is one of the biggest countries in Europe and there really is an endless list of cities and regions to visit. Cheap holidays of any duration will never allow for boredom and with so much to see and do you will find yourself booking for your next trip asap. Holidays to Germany are available at uber cheap prices, so booking multiple trips is never out of the question; holidays can even be booked on a whim! For city breaks in Germany, the nation's capital is the most popular destination; holidays to Berlin really are deeply historical and great for those seeking the best of the best when it comes to cabaret and night clubs to. For those looking for alternative city breaks the like of Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Stuttgart won't disappoint any holiday maker. For those looking to lavish in the great outdoors the grand region of Bavaria is the ultimate. Landscapes and landmarks literally are something out of a fairy tale. Check out the famous Neuschwanstein castle for confirmation. The Black Forest is also an area of extreme beauty and a particular favourite for outdoorsy types. For more holiday ideas to the trendy Germany and great cheap holiday discounts, whether it a cheap hotels bargain, last minute holiday or even just a city break away talk to one of our knowledgeable travel advisers here at Fleetway Travel, we challenge you to beat our prices.

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