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Crete, Greece Holidays 2019

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At Fleetway Travel we have the best Crete, Greece Holidays available. Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and lies one hundred and sixty kilometres to the south of Greece. As a holiday destination, it offers stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, a fascinating culture and history, and a wide range of travel deals to suit every budget.

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Holiday to Crete, Greece

Crete offers every type of holiday imaginable. Whether you're looking for a family watersports holiday in the popular resort of Malia, a cultural tour of the ancient Minoan sites of Knossos, or a romantic honeymoon in the quiet fishing village of Sissi, you'll find it on Crete. If you prefer luxury accommodation on Crete, or want a simple budget family holiday, or just last minute travel with hotel reservations included in the price, we can help you find your dream holiday.

Guide to Crete, Greece

Getting to Crete is easy from the UK and we offer some fantastic discounts on last minute travel. There are two main airports on the island, at Chania and Heraklion, and a further domestic airport at Sitia. You can get cheap charter flights to Chania and Heraklion that take just under four hours direct from the UK, or there are scheduled flights via Athens, a forty to fifty minute flight from Crete.

Crete is one of the most popular summer travel destinations in Greece for families, and it's not hard to see why. If you're going on holiday as a family you’ll find plenty of cheap travel packages and lots of activities to keep the kids busy. The beaches on the north coast, where the popular travel resorts of Hersonissos and Malia are located, can get busy in the high season. However they offer plenty of opportunities for both families on holiday, and watersports enthusiasts. Two of the most popular destinations are the waterparks Aqua Splash and Star Beach, with the Aqua World aquarium in Hersonissos another favourite visitor attraction.

However there is much more to Crete than its beaches and entertainment. The island was once the centre of the Minoan civilisation and its culture is steeped in legends, including those of Zeus, Theseus and the Minotaur, Daedalus and Icarus. Ancient palaces, temples, houses, paintings, and sculptures can be seen throughout the island, so if you hire a car there will be plenty to explore. Nature walks, wine tasting, and performances of Cretan music and dance are also popular holiday activities.

Crete is an excellent holiday destination for those with an interest in nature, history, or literature. Popular travel sites on Crete include the Minoan sites of Phaistos and Knossos, the ancient Roman city of Gortys, the Venetian castle at Rethymno, amazing caves such as Diktaion and Idaion, and gorges including the famous Gorge of Samaria, home to the endangered kri-kri goats.

The quiet fishing village of Sissi offers biking and trekking for activity holiday enthusiasts, with a sandy beach at nearby Boufos. While car hire is recommended for exploring the less visited parts of the island, you can catch a bus from Sissi to traditional Cretan villages such as Vrahasi and Epano Sissi.

Holidays in Crete - Music and Dance on Crete

Chaniotis Syrtos, sometimes called 'the dance of love', is the most popular dance on Crete and is thought to have evolved over hundreds of years. The traditional folk music of Crete is called kritika. The lýra (a three-stringed fiddle) is often accompanied by the laoúto (Cretan lute) and you'll find frequent performances throughout the island during the summer months.

Food and Drink on Crete

A holiday to Crete is the perfect opportunity to sample the delights of Greek cuisine. Honey, cheese, olive oil, and seafood play a central role in Cretan recipes. Some of the popular foods on Crete, such as dolmades (vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs), are similar to those of mainland Greek, but the island is renowned for its pastries and breads. A popular food on Crete is 'mezedes' which are similar to Spanish 'tapas'. The island is also famous for its wines and Cretan appellations include Archanes, Dafnes, Peza, and Sitia.

Holiday Accommodation on Crete

Crete offers a vast range of accommodation options, and the sheer number of resorts means that it's easy to book a hotel through Fleetway Travel, even at the last minute. We can find plenty of luxury accommodation on Crete, including hotels, villas and country houses to rent, but there are cheap accommodation options too, from traditional village houses in sleepy coastal hamlets to well-equipped campsites for family holidays.

Weather on Crete Holidays

The weather on Crete is sunny and warm for most of the year. In April the temperatures are around 18°C but in July and August they often reach 29°C. A good time to pick up cheap flights and hotel deals is in September, but there are also discounts available in October and May, when the beaches are less crowded and the sea is still warm. In September, temperatures are around 26°C but in May and October, just slightly cooler.

Crete is one of the most popular holiday destinations for young Brits, families and couples. Crete is the largest of all the Greek Islands and also the most southerly. Steeped in history as well as being the home to some of the nations favourite beach resorts. Oozing with the traditional Greek charm yet with lively modern amenities. Good holidays can be had by all in Crete - there really is something for everyone. The whole island of Crete is 260km long, it is the fourth biggest island in Europe! The capital of Crete is Heraklion, this is where the International airport is located. It takes approximately 4 hours to fly from the UK to Crete,. The two most well visited resorts in Crete are the very lively, favourite of the young Malia and then the slightly smaller Stalis. Hersonissos is another well known lively resort well worth a holiday! The currency of Crete is the Euro, you can pick up a 3 course meal for as little as £8! With such good value Crete is well worth a break away to. Enjoying a Mediterranean/North African climate means the seasons are long and the weather is hot!

The holiday island is also absolutely steeped in history, according to Legends the island is even the birth place of Zeus and other Greek Gods. The old harbour towns are great places to be, with their medieval feel still very much evident. With stunning, sandy beaches to and a lively nightlife everyone can enjoy Crete. The inland mountains and hills also make for great walks and adventures, some even achieving snow! This friendly nation has been welcoming since time really began, from centuries ago the civilised Minoan's to the charming people of Crete today! The islanders have always seemed to withstand the invaders,! From the original Venetians right through the foreign tourists of today. Welcomed onto the sun kissed shores to enjoy all that the Cretans have to offer. The language of the island in Greek, yet English is widely heard in the big towns!

Crete, Greece Holiday

Most of the main holiday areas if Crete are situated along the north coast of the island with a few on the south coast to. The eastern half of the island is the livlier side, filled with bars, nightclubs and fun in the sun antics, whilst the western side atill remains peaceful, beautiful and all things "Greek". Chania is a great place to be if its down to Earth Mediterranean you're after. The former island capital is bulging with colourful boutiques, fabulous markets and many tatsty tavernas. Beach resort Aghia Marina is a great place to stay, neighbouring Chania you can have the best best of both worlds. A great way to see the island is to hire a car, visits to the inland villages, eastern towns and off course the world renowned Malia ought to be had! Rethymnon and Plakias are both family friendly towns, with all the amenities needed for a holiday in the sun. The historic port of Rethymnon boats great architecture and dynamic buildings from the Venetians! Hersonissos is the chic Cretans choice, ideal for those after a good time, bars, restaurants and clubs come in their masses and this town is favourite with the young. Yet for the biggest party town hit Malia and neighbour Stallis! With the whols island oozing with accommodation and plenty of flights, a cheap holiday or a last minute deal can easily be had.

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