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Samos, Greece Holidays 2019

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For the best Samos, Greece Holidays, call Fleetway Travel now. Samos is one of the Greek Aegean Islands located in the North Aegean Sea and just 2km away from Turkey. This island is only 43km long and 13km wide. Known as the green island, it is one of the most fertile in the Aegean Sea. The West coast is a greatly mountainous flourishing with orchids and herbs. The lowlands are covered in olive trees and lively vineyards. There are a few resorts in Samos all unique to each other and offering plenty to do. The islands capital Samos Town is the liveliest and caters for all. The Old town is home to grand mansions, winding alleys and old timber houses. Filled with waterfront clubs you’ll find yourself partying till the early hours. Defiantly check out the bouzouki bars, discover the real Greek popular music culture.

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Holiday to Samos, Greece

The big hotels on the island are located in the southeast. The old fishing villages of Pythagorian is the most popular and the biggest resort after Samos Town. The neighbouring resort of Irean is great to. They offer the most amenities, things to do and water sports. Whilst you’re there make sure you visit the Temple of Hera and the Efpalino tunnel too. You can even take a day trip to Turkey or the other near-by islands of Fourni and Patmos. The Logothetis castle is also well worth a visit whilst in the region. In fact the town of Pythagorian is named after the famous ancient mathematician Pythagoras! Enjoy this warm friendly island in the resorts many restaurants. The waterside Tavernas will offer you the best seafood and mezes around. The vast array of international restaurants are sure to win you over too.

Guide to Samos, Greece

The further South on the island you travel you will find better sandy beaches, the small southern resorts of Kerveli and Possidonion are good. The South-west is the best though, great for children and an excellent day out. Spend time wandering through the less touristy areas of the island you get a true feel for their culture. Some of the best souvenirs can be picked up here too. Fine jewellery, honey, rugs and much more at great local prices. You will also stumble across the islands fine museums, monasteries and hidden ruins! The big resorts like Samos Town and Pythagorian also have a vast array of boutiques and designer shops, you will be able to find all those essentials.

Samos, Greece Holiday

Most of the hotels on the island are small and locally run. Adding to the homely, charming feel of Samos. Cheap holidays to Samos are easily available, Fleetway Travel can find you the perfect cheap holiday, package and last minute deal.

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