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If you are looking to book your Hong Kong Holidays, We can help you. Hong Kong, formally Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. A small island located in the south of China.

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Holiday to Hong Kong

This bustling city rivals New York for hot skylines and things to see and do. Definitely, one of the most exciting cities on the planet and a forever loved holiday hotspot. A shopping paradise that oozes great value whether it be designer goods, chic originals or quirky souvenirs! With street markets at home amongst the sky scrapers selling colourful goods! Sign language is even widely used to haggle down wanted goods! And this world-renowned shopping haven is easy to get around by taking the great public transport systems this fabulous Island has to offer. Cheap, easy and of course green!

Guide to Hong Kong

With over 9000 restaurants feasting is literally the norm in Hong Kong. With so many delights to try, you will find yourself cramming in multiple meals every day! With a great blend of Eastern and Western cultures, it is in no doubt that the food is amazing! Each dining experience is different on its own! A cheap holiday to Hong Kong really has it all. After dark, it becomes quickly obvious that Hong Kong is a city that never sleeps! Be sure to have an evening meal at the top of one of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers at the Revolving restaurant. Ultimate views of the city over an absolutely exquisite meal. Hitting the town in Hong Kong does not just mean taking in one of the fabulous shows or a top opera but experiencing some of the biggest and lavish nightclubs in the world! With bars and nightclubs aplenty, there is something to suit every taste, and too many to name! For some serious RnR after the hustle and bustle of this truly different city be sure to visit the outlying Islands and the New Territories. Beautiful parklands and a great break from the city!

Hong Kong is fondly known as the events capital of Asia. Whether it be an international music festival or a rock concert there is always something going on. As well as the huge array of great galleries and museums to keep its visitors entertained. Sports also play a major part in the social calendar of Hong Kong to, its travellers can expect to catch anything from football to horse races as well as Chinese sports too. And if you’re lucky enough to be in town over the Chinese New Year the impressive firework display and other festivities are not to be missed.

Hong Kong Holiday

In a city so diverse it is obvious that it is rich in heritage. Where old meets new, futuristic skyscrapers dwarf the beautiful temples of yesteryear! Formerly part of the British Empire and now under Chinese rule, this city is filled with fascinating landmarks. Wander through the large avenues of spectacular buildings, the International Finance Centre and the Avenue of Stars are not to be missed! The legend of all eastern cities is a once in a lifetime dream. With Fleetway travel, you can have that dream with a well-earned break or a last minute bargain at your beck and call. With lots of accommodation available from the plush five-star towers to the more modest budget boutique hotels. Hong Kong welcomes everyone!

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