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Aqaba, Jordan Holidays 2019

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For the best Aqaba, Jordan, Holidays, call Fleetway Travel now. Aqaba is a true pearl of the Red Sea Riviera, which is gaining in popularity among British tourists.

Aqaba, Jordan Holidays 2019 Aqaba, Jordan Holidays 2019  1Aqaba, Jordan Holidays 2019  2Aqaba, Jordan Holidays 2019  3Aqaba, Jordan Holidays 2019  4Aqaba, Jordan Holidays 2019  5Aqaba, Jordan Holidays 2019  6Aqaba, Jordan Holidays 2019  7

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Holiday to Aqaba, Jordan

This picturesque corner of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan under the rule of His Majesty King Abdullah II, offers its guests all possible forms of recreation - from soaking up the beautiful beaches for water sports on the trail of adventure, interesting historical tours. Red Sea coast with a beautiful reef and perfect weather gets lovers of active leisure divers and windsurfing. The region is also increasingly opting for families with children who pay attention to a broad array of attractions available and the level of preparation of accommodation in holiday resorts.

Guide to Aqaba, Jordan

No wonder - it is after all a place where you can spend a fantastic holiday at any time of year, with guaranteed beautiful weather and an unforgettable adventure.

Beaches of Aqaba and exotic beauty attracts people of all ages who are hungering for the sun, sea baths and wonderful views of the mountains going straight into the sea. Depending on your preference, you can opt for one of three options: the northern beach
(North Beach Area), which is located at most hotels, middle (Middle Beach Area) and southern (South Beach Area). Tourists eager for stronger sensations, you can select a tour from a glass bottom boat or water-skiing. His base was founded in Aqaba as windsurfing and parasailingu fans who enjoy the excellent weather conditions and proposals for the Royal Diving Club. Aqaba is the ideal destination for those wishing to relax. The region offers visitors the peace and quiet and comfort of security through a stable political situation. Also noteworthy that among Jordanians are both Christians and Muslims, which translates into respect for the followers of other religions.

Aqaba, Jordan, Holiday

Day in the bosom of nature, surrounded by water, palm trees and sand. Evening in the atmospheric restaurant offering traditional cuisine and shopping at the duty free zone. Aqaba is a true paradise for tourists, which guarantees an unforgettable experience. This is the place to which every time you want to come back.

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