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Lithuania is a small country located in north east Europe. Bordering the Baltic Sea, Latvia, Belarus, Poland and the Russian area of Kalingrad Oblast just below. Lithuania is one of the fastest growing economies and holiday hot spots in the world. An enchanting city in Vilnius to the peaceful sandy beaches and refreshing countryside. Since the struggles of the Soviet Union in 1990, Lithuania became independent and have since built great ties with the rest of the world and have opened up their country to tourists. Lithuania is a small country with big adventures, thousands of lakes, rushing rivers and wild forests, a cheap holiday to Lithuania is well worth it. For the best Lithuania Holidays, call Fleetway Travel now.

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Holidays to Lithuania

The capital of Lithuania, Vilnius is at the very centre of Europe! This historic city was first founded in 1323. The Old town has been beautifully renovated to show off the cities majestic past, definitely one of the most impressive old quarters of any city! With a variety of museums, galleries, shops, bars and restaurants there is loads to do! Historical sights are in the many, Vilnius will keep you going whilst on holiday in Lithuania!

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A great place to visit whilst on a cheap holiday to Lithuania is the Coronian Spit. This diverse strip is a haven for nature lovers, inhabited by beautiful forest and sand dunes it is a natural wonder, home of elk, deer and wild boar! If its beaches you’re after though the funky resort of Palagna on the coast is a real party isle in the summer months, beautiful stretches of white sandy beaches backed by soulful pine forests. The stunning Lake Galve is great for walking and admiring the picturesque views and don’t forget to relax in the mineral water spas of Bristonas resort!

Dabble in the Lithuanian cuisine of cold beet soup and stuffed dumplings! Known as Capelinai, stuffed with either meats, chesses or mushrooms. With an array of hotels and places to stay, Lithuania gives you a great choice. Fleetway travel can find your perfect cheap holiday, or last minute deal. Packages are tailor made to suit and with the arrival of low cost airlines flying into Lithuania at great price tags.

The small country of Lithuania has grown over the past couple of decades from a brand new, relatively unheard of country to one of the Brits favourite holiday hotspots, located in north, eastern Europe, Lithuania enjoys a temperate climate and is perfect over the summer months for city break getaways. Over the winter months, the countries idyllic landscapes transform into some what of a winter wonderland. Loved by its neighbouring nations Latvia, Belarus, Poland and the Russian Federation of Kalingrad Oblast as well as many other European nations and in particular with young European adults looking for a cheap getaway and guaranteed good times. Brits have been flocking to Lithuania in their numbers seeking the best of the best when it comes to charming city breaks, and great value for money enjoyable holidays. As one of the fasted growing economies in the world - Lithuania's capital Vilnius has really blossomed. The city now resides as a wonderful blend of old and new! Whilst along the coast lies beautiful sandy beaches and much of the country is made up of refreshing countryside. Lithuania is the ideal great value cheap holiday hotspot that creates perfect holidays for the whole family, even the most alternative of travelers and outdoorsy types will find something in Lithuania, and of course its capital Vilnius to suit! Lithuania really is the small country with a big heart, buzzing with big adventures, thousands of lakes, rushing rivers and wild forests. Vilnius - the cultural hub, lies right at the central point of Europe, this enchanting city was in fact founded in 1323! The Old Town has been beautifully restored and really shows off its majestic past, with plenty of things to see and do as well, Vilnius really has something to shout about! With a variety of museums, galleries, shops, bars and restaurants, historical sights and a very lively night scene, being entertained is a given.

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Lithuania was in fact one of the first of the Baltic Nations to break away from the ruling Soviet Union, patriotic vibes are the norm, and the cities streets really do shout all things Lithuanian. Local foods and drinks are really something to be dabbled in here! Stuffed dumplings and cold beet soup are the local delicacies. For nature lovers the best place in the country to visit is the world renowned Coronian Spit, covered in all things natural and a great photo op to capture Lithuania wildlife at its best! With beaches and walking trails a plenty too, holiday RnR is guaranteed. Fleetway travel can find your perfect cheap holiday, or last minute deal to Lithuania, cheap holidays are what we do! Packages are tailor made to suit our clients down to a tee, even if the ise of regional airports and optional transfers!

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