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Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is an independent republic located in the north of Cyprus having declared its independence in 1983. The international community, with the exception of Turkey, does not recognise the TRNC as a sovereign state, but recognises the sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus over the whole island. For the best Northern Cyprus Holidays, call Fleetway Travel now.

Northern Cyprus

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Northern Cyprus is one of the most beautiful and popular Mediterranean holiday destinations. This area remains virtually unspoiled and gloriously under-populated. It is a place where old-fashioned values still exist. Northern Cyprus holidays offer lots of sunshine, relaxation, fun, water sports, miles of natural sandy beaches, crystal clear sea and stunning scenery. Northern Cyprus holidays are for every age group and should be experienced at least once in a lifetime.

Guide to Northern Cyprus

Kyrenia, a town on the north coast known for its charming harbour and castle, is a great base to explore the north part of the island. The tranquility can be felt even before the harbour is seen and as you stroll along the sea-front, there is an atmosphere of calm. Turning into the harbour itself provides a visual feast, where beautiful, whitewashed buildings and colourful boats shelter under the massive Byzantine castle. During the day the harbour’s surroundings are sleepy and relaxed, but as sunset falls, there is a magical transformation as locals take their evening stroll and restaurants and taverns prepare for their guests. There are plenty of offers for the keen shoppers, with a vast array of outlets providing everything from the latest designer fashions to Cypriot antiques.

Another well known Northern Cyprus destination is Famagusta on the east coast of Cyprus and possesses the deepest harbour on the island. Founded by the Egyptians, the old walled city of Famagusta offers a fascinating window into the past; where craftsmen still fashion a variety of jewellery, copper and pottery items. The town is home to the fabulous Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque.

The winter in Northern Cyprus is very rainy and cold, especially between December and February with 60% of annual rainfall producing winter torrents that fill most of the rivers, which usually dry up later on during a year. Snow may fall on the Kyrenia Range (north cost), but seldom elsewhere in spite of low night temperatures. The short spring is characterised by unstable weather, occasional heavy storms and westerly wind. Summer is hot and dry enough to turn low-lying lands on the island brown. Parts of the island experience the "Poyraz", a north-westerly wind, or the sirocco, a wind from Africa, which is dry and dusty. Summer is followed by a short, turbulent autumn.

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