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Bordered by Sweden, Finland and Russia. Norway is in north, west Europe, the most western of all the Scandinavian countries. With an extensive coastline covered in Norway’s famous fjords, its unique cities and growing ski resorts it is easy to see why a holiday to Norway is becoming ever more popular. This unspoilt country of lakes, woods and extreme wilderness is a must visit for families, friends and couples holidays. Voted the world most peaceful country. We have the best range of Norway Holidays.

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Holiday to Norway

Exploring Norway is a big job, but with such wonders and a great hospitality you want to come back again and again. Spending time by the coast is an absolute must whilst on holiday in Norway, the fjords, fishing and whale watching is just amazing. For those even more adventurous the wilderness of the mountains offer hiking, walking, skiing and other winter sports. The spectacular views of the Northern Lights can also be spotted whilst on a cheap holiday to Norway. The waterfalls of Norway, Voringsfossen, Kjofossen and Latefossen to name a few are all unique and absolutely breathtaking. However for the less tame the Vigeland Sculpture Park is Oslo is also dynamic.

Guide to Norway

Other top places to visit whilst on holiday in Norway are the Holmenkollen Ski Jump and Ski museum is Oslo, Bryggen (fabulous Bergen world heritage site), The Kristiansand Zoo and amusement Park in Kristiansand is also a great day out. The Viking ship museum in Oslo is a great place to combine history with this countries vibrant culture, children and adults alike with love it.

The cuisine of Norway is generally fish, however game is now served regularly. An array of the usual style European restaurants is also available for the less adventurous pallets. Norway is famed for its splendid smoked Salmon served with scrambled eggs or sandwiches. Shell fish including lobsters have also become quite popular. Moose, Reindeer and duck are also not uncommon served with rich sauces and berries.

Norway Holiday

Wherever you choose to stay, whilst on holiday on Norway there is a wealth of accommodation for luxury budgets, cheap holidays and last minute deals. With many airports servicing the country a visit to the Arctic and Norway has never been easier.

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