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Tromso, Norway Holidays 2019

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The stunning city of Tromso, known as the capital of the Arctic is a place full of wonder and inspiration. Tromso, Norway holidays are guaranteed to suit those looking for excitement and adventure. Featuring breath taking landscapes and packed full of culture, Tromso has a lasting effect on all those who travel there.

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Holiday to Tromso, Norway

The centre of Tromso is famed for its neo-classical architecture and traditional wooden buildings. With plenty of attractions within easy walking distance in the city, Tromso, Norway holidays hold a strong interest for all age groups. A traditional Scandinavian way of life is never far away in this beautiful part of the world.

Guide to Tromso, Norway

Tromso holds many wonders for the intrepid traveller. There is an arctic aquarium, where you can witness some truly beautiful animals that you won’t see in any other aquarium.
There is also the Arctic Cathedral, which is arguably Tromso’s most noted landmark. Hosting concerts and other large events, this iconic structure dominates the Tromso skyline.
With majestic cable cars and wondrous botanical gardens, Tromso, Norway holidays capture the imagination.

Being close to fjords and mountains, there are great opportunities to spend time witnessing the imperious backdrops that make Tromso such a unique city. There is a strong and fascinating history to the city and its surrounding islands and these simply have to be explored for a memorable experience.

Tromso, Norway Holiday

Tromso is a city unlike any other. Featuring science centres and museums filled with antiquities and curiosities, this is a place with an atmosphere all its own. With accommodation to suit all budgets, the choices are large. Whether it’s a hotel or apartment, camping trip, holiday home or traditional fishing cottage, Tromso offers so much to a wide variety of people.

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