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For the best Poland Holidays 2016, call Fleetway Travel now. Poland is one of the largest countries of Eastern Europe, comparable in terms of area with Italy or Germany. Its population is estimated at around 39 million. In May 2004 Poland joined the European Union and becomes one of the finest tourist destinations in Central Europe. Polish are known for their hospitality.

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Holiday to Poland

Poland is a country of well-established democratic system of government, with its rich history, great cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes, flora and fauna.

Guide to Poland

Many Polish tourist attractions found recognition in the world. When you travel through Poland can not be disregarded Krakow, Warsaw, Gdansk, Czestochowa, Wroclaw, Oswiecim (known as Auschwitz - where during the World War II was Nazi concentration camp), or the High Mountains of Tatry which are part of Carpats.

Poland Holiday

Our offer focuses mainly on the most distinctive places in Poland, but also we would like to recommend less conventional, but equally attractive trips outside known - main routes. We provide a safe and enjoyable stay in Poland.

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