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If you are looking to book your Singapore Holidays, we can help you. For one of the more fascinating holidays of your life, or perhaps stopovers on you Eastern adventures, holidays to Singapore are guaranteed to fit the bill.


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Holiday to Singapore

Boasting an enchanting blend of East meets West as well as being a potion of cultures! Famed for its exquisite capital, Singapore City, where beauty is no object, just life as well as its world renowned shopping, restaurants, excursions and hotels. As one of the most colourful cultures in the world, absolutely steeped in history, having plenty to do is a given, on holidays to Singapore getting bored really isn't an option.

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The Republic of Singapore is what is known as an island microstate, idyllically located on the Malay Peninsula, just 85 miles north of the equator! Sandwiched between Indonesia to the south and Malaysia to the north, this Asian island state is a real gem! The climate of the island is even blessed with year round soaring temperatures, so cheap holidays to Singapore can be had at anytime. English is one of the four official languages of Singapore, so finding your way around is always easy, and the luxury of being able to converse with the locals is always a bonus. As a popular holiday hotspot, the island of Singapore has grown to become one of the most welcoming nations in the region; tourism has in fact grown to become one of Singapore's largest industries. As a city state everything you could need whilst on a holiday to Singapore is never far away…and getting from A to B is easy! As Asia's food capital, going hungry is never an option either! Even for the fussiest of eaters, your favourite delicacy can always be found.

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For family fun there are endless opportunities, aside from the beautiful beaches of Bintan, the Singapore Zoo is one of the best days out and even gives you the chance to swim with dolphins! The main cities markets and the many shopping malls on the island also make bargain hunting with your loved ones that little bit more exciting! For culture and sightseeing, Singapore is no exception amongst the other Asian Supremes and easily rivals the delights of Hong Kong and Tokyo. Nightlife is also something to be had on the island - being one of the safest countries in the world, dancing well into the night shouldn't present you with any danger either. Boasting being the one of the continents cleanest and most modern cities too, chic vibes are always apparent! For more information, cheap holiday ideas and cheap holidays full stop, talk to one of our knowledgeable advisers and book with us here at Fleetway Travel. The independent state of Singapore really should be one for the list this year, and a definite must when seeking the most for your pound. The island uses the Singapore Dollar, currently exchange rates can be found very much on your side!

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