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An infusion of mountain ranges, vast green spaces, hot sun, and never-ending coastlines, Spain is a country of wonderful contrasts - the ideal destination for cheap family holidays. In addition to the incredible landscape of this beautiful and varied country, a vibrant culture welcomes the discerning traveller with an unmistakable warmth and charm. A regionalised character remains carved by a myriad of nations and historic traditions, tempting people from all over the world to spend their family holidays in Spain. This incredible country is intrinsically an explosion of flavours defined by a passion for sumptuous cuisine, flamboyant dance, sensual music, and the richness of life itself. We offer cheap airline tickets to fly you directly into Spain, at the touch of a button. We have the best range of Spain Holidays.

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Holiday to Spain

Granada's spectacular Alhambra Palace must not go unmissed, and if visiting during winter season, skiers and snow-boarders can enjoy a good day out on the piste. With its baroque architecture, the medieval city of Gerona in Catalan is home to the famous Gothic Cathedral, offering an interesting contrast to the Arab baths and former Jewish quarter. Valencia Cathedral has been conquered and re-conquered over the centuries and today it even claims to have possession of the Holy Grail. In the Basque country, Bilbao’s 14th century Old Town boasts a beautiful Gothic Cathedral and is home to Frank Gehry’s landmark Guggenheim Museum.

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Music, dance, culture, and climate are factors that make Spain the ultimate holiday destination. Frequent flights and cheap all-inclusive holidays have spurred an incredible influx of visitors, making Spain one of Europe's most accessible cultural retreats, ideal for year-round vacations.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona offers the best of both worlds as a city on the coast, fizzing with the life of the beach party - the perfect destination for good-value, last minute holidays. The buzzing metropolis is a European hot spot and magnet for culture vultures and fashionistas alike. An eclectic theme of alternative and mainstream art and music pumps from the streets, attracting a constant flow of tourists and travellers for the ultimate cultural experience. If you want to travel to Spain, Barcelona, use our bookings page to find cheap tickets, or cheap city breaks to this bustling city. Highlights of the city include Seu (the old Cathedral), Palau de la Generalitat and the incomplete church of the Sagrada Familia (Holy Family) by Antoni Gaudi. Art is around every street corner, and a broad range of music can be heard at a variety of venues, guaranteeing there will be something for everyone.

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An abundance of tourist attractions reflects the legacy of Spain's conquering peoples. From cathedrals, palaces and fortresses, Moorish baths, to mosques, renaissance buildings and modernist architecture - there is a wealth of places to visit. All inclusive package holidays are becoming increasingly popular with a number of tour operators offering deals that include the flight, hotel, and excursions to some of Spain's top tourist spots.

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