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Bilbao, Spain Holidays 2019

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At Fleetway Travel we have the best Bilbao, Spain Holidays available. One of the most intriguing cities of the Basque country in northern Spain, Bilbao is famed for its impressive state-of-the-art architectural projects, innovative infrastructure and thriving business and cultural scenes.

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Holiday to Bilbao, Spain

Social and economic development is ripe, with the Port of Bilbao situated in a privileged position on the very eastern side of the Bay of Biscay. Since construction of the architectural wonder, The Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao city has become an even greater hub of creative ingenuity, making it a magnet for visitors seeking to experience the combination of Bilbao's fascinating art-culture, the many pretty beaches nearby, the famous century-old suspension bridge, and the beautiful surrounding Basque countryside.

Guide to Bilbao, Spain

It goes without saying that the magnificent Guggenheim Bilbao is one of the city's most awe-inspiring artistic masterpieces. Like a titanium-coated spaceship just landed, it appears strangely surreal, especially when compared with the giant flower-coated dog statue that sits guarding it. Designed by North American architect, Frank Gehry, its interconnecting shapes of orthogonal titanium blocks and glass curtain walls create a dramatic effect. Amongst other unusual structures, there exists a Robert Stern-designed shopping mall, an Arata Isozaki-designed residential centre, the imposing city hall, and the Artxandra funicular railway, transforming the Basque town into Spain's most futuristic metropolitan city. Furthermore, with the number of cheap flights to Bilbao, it has become one of Europe's most popular travel destinations. Inevitably matched by an inspiring cultural calendar, the city also plays host to a plethora of contemporary art exhibitions, symphony orchestras, dance, music, and theatre performances. Available are a number of cheap flights - UK to Bilbao particularly popular - most of the year round, making a trip to this buzzing metropolis, an affordable excursion and a top tourist destination.

Bilbao, Spain Holiday

With great give-aways from Fleetway Travel on airline tickets, and fabulous last minute deals, Bilbao is a city offering the ultimate cultural adventure and a superb destination in which to make the most of a cheap holiday. There are also a number of great travel packages that include both your flight tickets and a choice of one of many hotels in Bilbao, including the gorgeous Hotel Carlton Bilbao.

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