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Izmir, Turkey Holidays 2019

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İzmir - known as Smyrna in the ancient time - is Turkey's third most populous city and the country's second largest port city after Istanbul and is a home to nearly three million people. We have the best range of Izmir, Turkey Holidays.

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Holiday to Izmir, Turkey

The town located along the outlying waters of the Gulf of İzmir, by the Aegean. The area is known as one of the most beautiful regions in Turkey. Izmir Region offers miles of fine sandy beaches on the beautiful Cesme peninsula. Visitors can stretch out on the warm sand, enjoy a variety of water sports or take a boat trip along the coast and visit the nearby islands.

Guide to Izmir, Turkey

Known as "Smyrna" in ancient times, the province of Izmir has a long history, dating back to the 3rd- millennium BC when it was one of the most advanced cultural centers in Western Anatolia. Legendary Homer lived here in the Ionian period, which was the most splendid age of the city.

Izmir, Turkey Holiday

İzmir has a typical Mediterranean climate characterized by long, hot and dry summers with average daytime temperatures of 30°C or higher; and mild to cool, rainy winters with average maximum temperatures between 12 and 14°C. There is virtually no rainfall during the months of June, July and August.

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