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Dubai is to the Middle East what Hong Kong is to Asia: a capitalist jewel buzzing with activity. Most visitors to the region stop here for at least a day to browse the shops, eat in the restaurants and soak up the atmosphere of a city oozing wealth and confidence. We have the best range of Dubai, UAE Holidays.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Holidays 2019 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Holidays 2019  1Dubai, United Arab Emirates Holidays 2019  2Dubai, United Arab Emirates Holidays 2019  3Dubai, United Arab Emirates Holidays 2019  4Dubai, United Arab Emirates Holidays 2019  5Dubai, United Arab Emirates Holidays 2019  6

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Holiday to Dubai, UAE

Dubai's main beaches run along Jumeira Road. In truth, it is one long beach divided up by hotels and private clubs, interspaced by a few public access beaches. The Jumeira beaches have soft white sand that slip into the shallow warm turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf.

Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates. It is often called Dubai City to avoid confusion between the city and the state of Dubai in which it lies. It's located along the Arabian Peninsular in the Persian Gulf. Although the city actually dates back for centuries it is known as a modern metropolis of sky scrapers and chic shopping malls. Dubai is the most populous city in country and has recently become a holiday hotspot! The country has also gained a fantastic real estate reputation - much to the exciting palm tree and world islands which were recently built out into the sea! With hot, hot temperatures year round, sun tans are guaranteed as soon as you land! Temperatures in the summer months can top 40 degrees Celsius, good times to visit Dubai are during the British winter months - which also allows for a perfect get away from the British weather, temperatures are about 30 degrees Celsius and a lot more comfortable. Boasting fabulous temperatures and plenty of beaches, this Arabic city has it all. The unspoilt beaches are a haven in amongst the bustling city. Water sports are also becoming increasingly popular as well as diving excursions! A holiday to Dubai can give you all the best of a beach holiday, with city break excitement too.

Shopping in Dubai has always been one of the main draws to the city, huge shopping malls that rival those of the USA, with great discounts and duty free shopping available all year round. Things that are often thought of as very expensive in the UK, and almost unaffordable suddenly become reasonable! Aside from the malls there are the fabulous souks, lined with shops filled with the infamous gold of Arabia. Definitely the ultimate souvenir! The shopping malls in Dubai have become an array of the world's top designers; there is nothing that cannot be found!

With hotels in Dubai boasting some of the best in the world even going to sleep will be a photo opportunity! The world's only 7star hotel is located in Dubai. The Hotel Burj Al Arab is also the world's tallest hotel too, built as a ships sail heading into the sea! Although very pricey for a holiday, entrance into the hotel for a few hours comes at a small fee. And snooping around becomes your legacy! With stunning architecture located all over the city, strolling around becomes a sight-seeing adventure on its own! Many of the buildings have been built to be admired, great buildings in Dubai well worth visiting are the Emirates Office Tower , Emirates Hotel Tower and the Chelsea Tower. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel has even been built to look like a breaking wave coming into land from the sea! The Dubai Museum and the cities mosques are great to visit, and great catch up lessons on the culture.

After all the shopping, sunbathing and sight seeing has got the better of you, do not fret as there is still more. Sand Ski-ing and Camel Riding are very popular days out. Definitely a break from the norm! There are also many golf-courses around the city offering some of the most panoramic views in the whole of the city. The Wild Wadi Water Park is also perfect for families or those who are young at heart!

Guide to Dubai, UAE

Dubai has many attractions for visitors and one of its greatest is its superb shopping. Indeed, the city draws large numbers of "shopping tourists" from countries within the region and as far afield as Eastern Europe, Africa and the Subcontinent. Souks have been called "the heart of urban Arabia", and Dubai has plenty. These range from the traditional, dusty, alleyways of the spice souk, a stone's throw from the Creek, to the modern fish souk with the many varieties caught in Gulf waters and the fruit and vegetable souk with its bustle and vivid colours.

Dubai, UAE Holiday

Dubai's cosmopolitan flavour is matched by the city's many restaurants and entertainment spots, which provide a truly international array of choices for the visitor. Dubai is an excellent place to sample all types of Gulf and Middle Eastern cuisine, including Iranian, Moroccan and Lebanese. Arabian food makes up an important part of most buffet spreads. Restaurants located outside hotel and club premises are not permitted to supply alcohol.

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