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Martin Andersen

28 February 2018

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The Fleetway team is packed with travel-enthusiasts and people who are in the know of what to see and do in some of Europe’s most vibrant cities. This week we’ve sat down with Javi – the Marketing Team’s resident Spaniard, to find out more about his home city, Madrid. A trendy capital located literally in the heart of Spain, this metropolis has something for every taste. 

Hi Javi, as someone who comes from Madrid, when would you say the city is at its most beautiful?

The warm weather and the sun makes Madrid a destination that is amazing to visit all year round. However, I would say that the best part of the year to experience the city is between March and May, as you’ll still get a lot of sun and great weather, without it being too hot, as the summer months can sometimes be. 

What is your favourite hidden gem in the city?

I really like to go to San Anton Market, just north of the Gran Via and the centre of Madrid. This is a place full of amazing things and treats, and best of all, it’s a market where you can choose any food you like and then bring it to the roof restaurant, where they will cook it for you. It’s perfect for lunch!

Any food or drink that locals love more than anything else?

When it gets really hot, a typical dish for locals to tuck into is gazpacho. A cold tomato soup accompanied by freshly baked bread, it’s as delicious as it is refreshing. As for drinks, we do like a good glass of red wine. When the city gets too warm, we like to mix the wine with lemon and ice, which is known as tinto de verano. 

How do locals usually spend their evenings in Madrid?

Regardless of the season, people in Madrid like to enjoy the cool evening breezes. We love to hang out in a bar or restaurant and enjoy a glass of tinto and tapas together in the city centre.

What are some of the coolest places to hang out in in the city?

I would say Malasaña and La Latina are the trendiest parts of the city nowadays. Full of shops, bars, restaurants and clubs, both have something that will appeal to all age groups. Malasaña has gone through a lot of regeneration over the last couple of years and is now a quirky and colourful part of the centre. 

What is your favourite green space in the city?

Retiro Park is without a doubt one of my favourite green places. Not only is it a relaxing place to hang out in, it’s also full of activities and things to see, such as the amazing Palacio de Cristal and the many statues along the Paseo de Argentina. Another place I like to go to, is the Carlos I Park. I love cycling around in this large green park, which is located just east of the city centre.

And finally, any tips on getting around in the city? 

First of all, don’t take the Metro during peak hours (8-9am and 6-7pm), as it will be full of people trying to get to and from work. For a much nicer view of the city, I recommend using one of the city’s electric bikes. These can be found all around Madrid and offer a perfect and easy way to take in the city centre.

If you want to explore the Spanish capital and experience Javi’s recommendations for yourself, book a trip to Madrid!

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