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How to Get the Best Black Friday 2018 Deals

Marcus Dean

20 November 2018

Time to Read

2 minute read

You’ve seen the emails, you’ve seen the countdown clocks, and you’ve started to see some low prices coming in, but how can you spot the best Black Friday deals? A whopping 91% of retail stores took part in Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and that’s without mentioning the countless other businesses that also offer discounts at the same time (AHEM, Fleetway, AHEM).  So how do you tell the headline deals apart from the pretenders? There’s a few savvy ways to do this and we’re here to outline them today. 

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Have an Eye for Detail

Not all Black Friday deals are going to be world-beaters. Even though a deal might have a slashed price-point, be sure to do some further reading on just how much money you’ll be saving. Just because something is 40% off doesn’t mean it’s a wonderful deal. This just means that it is 40% less than the recommended retail price, which is usually way higher than a shop’s normal price anyway. So if you know the kind of thing you’re going to be in the market for this Black Friday, be sure to know a decent price for it beforehand – making it easy to spot a bona-fide steal!

In-store VS Online

Many shops have in-store specific sales, while numerous have online-only deals. The best way of ensuring you get the best deal when you’re out an about is by checking the shop’s online portal too, just in case. 

Setting Up an Online Account

Time is precious at the best of erm, times, but on Black Friday, it can often be invaluable. Many deals are time sensitive and quantity dependent, meaning that unless you strike fast, you could miss out. If there’s a particular website that you’ve been eyeing up, be sure to register an account way before you get down to purchasing – saving you both time and stress.

Check, Check, and Check Again

If a certain item you really wanted has just sold its last copy, sometimes that just means it’s in someone else’s basket. And while this might mean the product is well and truly gone 99% of the time, that other shopper might have second thoughts. So be sure to refresh and check again in 10 minutes’ time. You never know…

Sign Up To Newsletters

Some retailers offer exclusive deals on their newsletter that aren’t reproduced elsewhere. And even if they are repeated on the website, it’s still probably the quickest way of learning about some brand-new deals. 

Reward Points & Cashback

Lots of companies offer reward points and cashback against a number of purchases – which could be the perfect way to make that already cheap Black Friday deal that little bit cheaper. 

Aside from these helpful shopping tips, remember to stay safe when shopping online. Ensure each website is secure by spotting the little padlock in the address bar, use a credit card where possible to ensure your purchases are protected, and make sure the Wi-Fi you’re using is secure. Apart from those – happy shopping! 

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