#FleetwayTravels: The Electra Palace, Rhodes

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Martin Andersen

24 October 2016

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At Fleetway we love what we do. We only sell holidays that we’re passionate about and you’ll often find us queueing up to explore the world through our own holidays. The Electra Palace on the delightful island of Rhodes is a firm Fleetway favourite both with our customers and us, and Borja from our Marketing Team has recently returned from a week in the sun at the Electra Palace. We caught up with him to hear about his stay and how he discovered the world for less by choosing to go all inclusive.

Hi Borja, just to start us off, how would you sum up the Electra Palace?

I would say that the hotel is a great destination for a late summer holiday. Rhodes is known as the Sun Island where it’s warm throughout the year, so even if you go in late September or October, you can still enjoy the great weather.

And how did you spend most of your days? What did you get up to?

Apart from the two days where we went into Rhodes Town and explored the coast, we spent a lot of time on the resort’s private beach, just enjoying the sun, as well as trying the different dishes at the restaurants.


You said you spent some time in Rhodes Town and in the surrounding area, what would you recommend not missing while on the island?

In Rhodes Town I would say that you need to visit the old town and the castle. You can explore all the old buildings that are around the castle as well as the old fortifications and city walls that surround the old town. I would also recommend visiting the amazing Elli Beach that is located between the town and the resort. Not only is the water crystal clear, there’s also a giant trampoline for everyone to use.

That sounds like a lot of fun. Was there anything else that you discovered on Rhodes that you would like to recommend?

My friend and I found that it was really nice to rent a motorbike, which allowed us to discover lots of different places on the island. The standard fare to rent a motorbike for a week is around €90, which was really cheap, especially if you share the vehicle. You can go along the along the coast and stop wherever you want. Renting cars or bikes is also possible, if you want something other than a motorbike.


Do you have any good stories or memories from your motorcycle trip around the island?

Just driving through the landscape and along the coast, stopping wherever we wanted… and we saw the sunset from, well it wasn’t exactly a mountain, but it was from a higher place. Unfortunately I have forgotten the name of that place.

Changing the subject, slightly. Can you tell us about the food you had during your stay? Where did you have your best meal?

The best food I had was undoubtedly at the Greek restaurant at the Electra Palace, the Italian restaurant also had some great food, but it was definitely the Greek food that was the best. We tried some places in Rhodes Town, but I still think that the food prepared at the resort was the best.


And what was the best food that you had?

We tried many things like hummus and kebab, but the best thing was this Greek-styled crepe, which I think is called a souvlaki. It had like kebab-meat, lettuce and tzatziki inside it. At the resort, because it was all-inclusive, we didn’t pay for the food, but this souvlaki was quite cheap in other places as well.

Do you have any other tips on things to do and see?

I tried yoga for the first time. It was offered for free by the resort and the yoga instructor, Dominika, was really good at teaching us. Because of her, I really want to continue doing yoga now that I am back.

Finally, is there anything you think people simply have to experience while staying on Rhodes? 

If you go to Electra Palace, you really need to see the sunset. From some rooms in the resort you can see it, but if you don’t have a sea view, then you need to make a special effort to see it. We managed to catch it from the beach, but we noticed that a lot of people were having dinner at the time and as such would have missed it. Seeing the sun set over the sea is a truly beautiful experience.


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