#FleetwayFaithful: Interesting holiday hobbies

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Dessie Nedyalkova

13 September 2017

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Here at Fleetway we love hearing about what our customers enjoy doing on their holiday. Imagine our delight when we heard from Mr & Mrs Clyne, who have been on a Fleetway holiday each year for the last five, and who were more than happy to let us in on how they spend their time in their favourite holiday destination – Morocco!

We caught up with Mr Clyne for the inside scoop on what makes the Mazagan Hotel in El Jadidah their number one spot, and what they get up to while they’re there. Inspired by the pristine North Africa sandy beach, Mr Clyne got creative with a rake, and started to draw incredible patterns on the beach think Nazca Lines of Peru, but a little closer to home…

1. How many Fleetway holidays have you been on?

So far, five holidays, each to the same resort, the Mazagan Hotel near El Jadidah, in Morocco, it does what we want! 

2. Tell us what you like to do on holiday, and all about your holiday hobby.

My wife likes to swim and sunbathe, I like to draw big patterns on the beach, and we both like to watch the sunsets, watch the waves, and surf and tides as they either go out or come in. Because the tides are different every day, we can easily organise our day around the lovely restaurants and facilities of the hotel.

3. You like to draw big patterns on the beach?  How did you get into your fascinating holiday hobby?

The first time we went to the Mazagan Hotel, I noticed the beach was huge and pristine, so I drew a lovely message with my heel on the beach, taking into account the perspective, and it worked, so I was hooked! I have a digital hobby as well, where I draw items with thin fine lines using an app for iPad that I designed and helped to build, so the two hobbies are sort of combined when I’m on holiday. I wanted to teach a computer to draw years ago, but it was long before the iPad, and I waited until that product came along to give me the resolution and control to draw lines on a screen.

4. How long have you been doing this for? 

The digital work has been going on for 8 years now, the beach drawing for about three years now.

5. Is it always on holiday that you do this, or sometimes at home?

There is a beach at West Wittering that I’ve been to a couple of times and I will go again. However it gets very crowded and finding a spot that has not been walked on already, or had some dogs running all over means I’m limited to weekdays.

6. Where can people see more of your creative work? Do you have a website for your images?

My website where you can see both my digital gallery and my beach art gallery: 


7. Apart from creating these beautiful ‘drawings’, what else do you like to do on holiday?

We like to walk on the beach, it’s romantic, take photos of my gorgeous wife, enjoy the great food, and the fabulous hospitality of the Mazagan Staff. We have got to know several of them, and they are friends now. The staff even keep a special rake (which one of them painted white) especially for me.

8. What’s your favourite holiday destination?

We really like this hotel in El Jadidah in Morocco, because it has what we want in terms of relaxation, which is what we do on holiday. I find the beach drawing is very calming, and helps me to forget some of the trials of everyday life.

9. Any tips for people who feel inspired to try their hand at recreating your work?

Plan your drawing! In the weeks leading up to our trips, I do some sketches and freehand drawings, or capture ideas from other visual experiences. I use simple tools I can take with me, like a string that is marked off in metre segments, some plastic pipes carefully cut to fit a rake so I can get evenly spaced lines, and that I can use for staking out and marking out large circles in conjunction with the string.
I also have an app called Magic Seaweed, which tells me the high and low tide times at the beach, and an app called Shapecalc, that tells me the lengths of triangle sides and other geometric figures with ease. 
To record the images, I use a small commercially available drone, which records images to my phone, and I take pictures with my Cannon D60 from the roof of the hotel (with their permission).

10. Do you have any other stories you’d like to share from your Fleetway holiday?

I have had lots of interest from other hotel guests at the Mazagan, one was a Russian, who took a time lapse video of me doing a design on the beach, and then gave it to me. He didn’t speak English and I don’t speakRussian, so we used apps on our phones to translate text for each other. We spent  several hours getting to know each other and we are now good friends! 

I didn’t set out to do the drawings at all! The wide and flat beach, the right sort of sand and the fact that it’s quiet, makes it the perfect place to draw and practice my hobby which is why we keep retruning! The designs have got bigger, and I’ve learnt how to draw walking backwards which helps me tosee how the work progresses, and allows me to develop the designs further. 

Of course if you find another similar beach, I’d be glad to try it out!! 

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