#FleetwayFaithful: A Postcard from the Ritz Carlton Budapest

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Dessie Nedyalkova

05 December 2017

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What better way to hear about one of our favourite destinations and hotels, than via postcard from some #FleetwayFaithful!

Anne and Edmund Ross took to the Ritz Carlton Budapest, set in the lively heart of the Hungarian capital for a luxurious winter break. Here’s the lovely postcard we received from them...

“We arrived from Manchester in no time with super efficient Ryanair! As we took only cabin luggage we were out at arrivals quickly where we were met by a sign with our name on, and whisked off by our driver. It was only a 30 minute journey into the city, which gave plenty of opportunity to see the outskirts of the capital and some of the main boulevards too! We were met at the entrance to the Ritz Carlton by wonderful staff, who guided us through the checking-in process smoothly and efficiently. Whilst we were waiting for our room, they brought us directly to the Club Lounge for lunch! What a place!... just perfect with unlimited drinks, unlimited delicious canapés and unlimited comfort!
A porter came to our table and took us the short distance to our Club Room which was so comfortable and so perfect, that we never once had to ask for anything more than what was provided! A padded sumptuous Super King sized bed with billowing pillows was in the centre, facing a balcony overlooking the square outside the hotel, and the most perfect bathroom completed our facilities for 3 days.
Apart from the incredible bed, I have to mention the decor! Soft blues on a base of grey tones created a calming atmosphere. A sideboard supported a cool Nespresso machine, so we could make drinks whenever we wanted and enjoy them in a lovely little seating area. My favourite part though was the bathroom. Where shall I begin? It was spacious, with both a separate bath and shower, full of luxurious toiletries including large bars of soap, and of course fluffy dressing gowns and slippers!

Time to explore, and explore we did! That first afternoon we took the tourist bus, which you can leave at every stop. We stayed on to see as much of the city as we could before dusk. Then the next day we planned to arise early and hop on and hop off at the sights we were drawn to the most! 

There is a plethora of beautiful buildings to see here in Budapest, from the magnificent parliament in Pest on the banks of the Danube, to the glorious architectural delights on the hillier and greener Buda side. The Parliament building is a must-see with its gothic revival style architecture and magnificent interior. A short walk along the banks of the Danube from the Parliament building you can find the 'Bronze shoes', a memorial  to the 20,000 Jews who were taken by the Arrow Cross militia and shot dead on the banks of the Danube. This permanent memorial is an immensely powerful symbol of the horrors of the Second World War.  That evening we visited a restaurant recommended and booked for us by our concierge. We walked up the famous Andrassy Avenue past the magnificent Opera House building, illuminated by lights to the restaurant. Andrassy Avenue is a wide boulevard with high end designer shops on both sides, reminiscent of the Champs Elysee in Paris. We had a beautiful meal choosing our fish fresh off the ice by weight from behind the counter. A fantastic stroll back to the hotel completed a magical day.  

The rest of the time, we spent relaxing at the glorious Ritz Carlton…” 

So, do we have you packing your bags for Budapest already?

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